Car tire maintenance needs attention? What Is the point?

Wen Shu Qu Wenkai

about the Car you bought after that everything Will be fine? Wants the rest to 4S store it? Only good Care, good maintenance to keep your Car in the use of sufficiently reliable. With the family Car into the faster speed, how to maintain the Car has become one of the topics you Care about most. In addition to regular vIsits to the repair shop time to do routine maintenance, maintenance for some small places equally deserving of all Aicheyizu attention because of their maintenance and Care as related to the comfort and safety when you are driving.

Then, on the Issue of Car maintenance, in addition to the daily routine maintenance 4S shop, we need to pay attention to what else Is it? The actual site of the tire contact with the road only palm-sized people. Your safety, comfort and fuel economy are dependent on thIs very small contact surface, because the tires are the only connection point between the vehicle and the road surface, which bears the full weight of the vehicle – a up to 50 times the weight of the tires, steering , acceleration and braking and other driving actions to respond to and act on the road, to absorb the impact of road obstructions. So, always monitor the condition of the tires Is very important.

First of all, we have to check the tires regularly for wear of the tire. In general, all the tires have a depth of 1.6 mm at the tread wear indicator, where there are local wear indicator has a small boss, the boss next to the “tread wear indicator” abbreviation “the TWI.” Under the premIse of normal use, tire wear Will reach thIs place raIsed the need to replace the tires. The tire pressure Is a common theme, and it Is not only an important factor affecting tire life, but also noted that the tire pressure Is affected by thermal expansion and contraction, winter tire pressure in general Will be reduced, if not appropriately increase tire pressure Will not only increase the Car’s fuel consumption, but also accelerate the wear of Car tires.

In addition to tire pressure and wear, we have timely maintenance. Tires with a long time, it Is easy to tread laced with gravel, broken bricks and other debrIs, these things if not promptly removed, not only Will we have a bumpy feeling in the Car, but also a great damage to the tire. Especially in high-speed uplink Car, the tread patternA foreign body, it Is easy to cause a puncture, thIs Is a very dangerous thing. Therefore, it was found pebbles and other debrIs Will dial out using keys and other tools, try to ensure a clean tires.

Of course, there Is a connecting member and the tire need our attention, Is the braking system. Check the braking system Is focused on an amount of brake fluid, the housing can confirm whether the reference line. When a check brake fluid before a significant reduction ratio, high probability of failure. Leaking brake lines also need to pay close attention, the Car Is equipped with manual transmIssion clutch, which also need to pay attention to the amount of fluid if the fluid volume reduction into the air, it can not brake. Therefore, maintenance of the brake system most in need of attention Is the brake fluid, if less than the amount of fluid into the air, the brakes Will become insensitive. Also, check the clutch, try pedal, check dIscontinuities, poor contact, or the deviation from the exact point in need of repair.