Car tire maintenance, just five things you can do thIs, you do not have to use scrap repair

tires for vehicles, which are of wear and tear items, with a long naturally needs to be replaced, but even if not, the tire also because of the problem of aging, loss of elasticity and toughness original, significant performance degradation, in order to avoid accidents also needs to be replaced. And replace each tire at least in pairs of two, the maintenance cost Is not low, not to mention the tire Is in direct contact with the ground, there may be an unexpected accident, so Care of the tires Is very necessary. Car tire maintenance, just five things you can do thIs, it has been used scrapped do not repair.

1. Reduce bump

when the tires were slashed difficult to predict, can not be good to avoid, but for everyday driving but it Is still able to do to reduce the bump, such should be moving slowly when bad road conditions, always pay attention to road conditions, there are speed bumps in place, be sure to slow in front, and the Car must be avoided on the steps to prevent hit, leading to deformation and so on.

2. The tire pressure monitor

Is a known vehicle tire pressure blood pressure, can be seen on the life of the vehicle . Tire tire pressure should be maintained within a certain range, too low or too high tire pressure, tire life and are driving safety and adverse effects, such as excessive tire pressure affect the braking performance of the Car, the tires can lead to suffer more pressure, more prone to puncture accident at the damaged.

3. Check wear

With the tire driving a Car, Will continue to wear on each tire wear line has once reached the wear line Will need to be replaced, because the braking capacity of the tire, because the pattern Will be decreased to reduce the braking dIstance increases, resulting in an adverse effect on driving safety Will be at the high speed.

4. Sipe clear debrIs

increasing the tire tread on the tire’s ability to grip, but also causing more debrIs which may enter, such as small stones, glass, clay, etc., which need to hook them with clear stone clear as it might be inResulting in the process of moving to tire damage, tire may also lead to stagnant water, so that speed up aging, but with clear stone hook, you can easily remove stones and other debrIs, to reduce wear and tear.

5. The tire spray wax

both a clean wax to the tire model, which Is a good way of maintenance. Tire wax component contained in the parent rubber, to a certain extent can delay aging of the tire, and the tire can be covered with a wax film on the surface, impermeable heat insulation effect, after the spray wax tire, the tire slow down the aging time used It Will be longer, but also allows the tire to keep more clean.

to do these maintenance measures, essentially for the daily maintenance of wine Is enough, plus the usual attention to the road Car, the tires are generally not a problem , has been used scrapped do not repair.

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