Car tire care how you know it? Old drivers to teach you three strategies

as a Car tire’s “four legs”, we usually on their feet all your Care, then the foot of the Car have to do so, because the tire must be in contact with the ground Is likely to cause wear and tear because in our daily we must pay attention to tire maintenance, tire undervoltage and overvoltage Will not cause tire wear, shorten tire life, increase fuel consumption Will even increase the chance of a puncture. Check the tire pressure once a month Is recommended in order to guarantee the normal tire pressure, Car tire Care how you know it? Old drivers to teach you three strategies

1. regularly check the tire pressure, tire pressure Is an important factor affecting tire life, not too high or too low, according to the marked vehicle tire pressure inflated. Summer try to make tire pressure Is lower; winter cold, try to ensure enough air Car tires than summer, because tire easily thermal expansion and contraction. In thIs way it was driving comfort and safety.

2. Strengthen protection cleaned before the cold winter driving, with particular emphasIs on clean after every tire. Before driving, to check whether the tire tread ditch Is covered with snow and ice, and if so, Will have to clean up. If the pattern sandwiched ditch hard ice can not pry force, the surface of the tire can not be poured into hot water. Irrigated with normal to the tread surface, and then start the Car, after a period of time with a low speed by the normal speed. After driving, to check whether there are folders such as tire tread ditch stone, iron nail or hard object, if any, to immediately clean up.

3, suddenly cold cold water to cool undesirable heat at first easy to puncture the tires after a long period of high speed fever, if the heat Is not dIstributed in real time, so that reduce tire temperature, high temperature (beyond 95 ℃) Is likely to incur a tire delamination, until the tire burst, so as not to damage the tire should be promptly replaced frictional heat, after Shuangqiao semi-trailer type vehicles and more as the number of tires , the invention Is not easy to puncture, the tire Will be damaged with continued with good frictional heat each tire, a tire can attack other until the puncture, the puncture twin rear hub Will attack with a small amount of air friction sparks war and then ignited damage tires.