Car Tips: ThIs Is the most correct tire maintenance method!

Car tires Is equivalent to the feet, as indIspensable, if not move an inch. So we should cherIsh their feet as the Car’s tire Care. Then, in the course of driving, the tires on the protection we should pay attention to what?

First of all, we need to pay attention to Is the internal tire pressure, to maintain appropriate tire pressure Is essential for the protection of the tires, it Is also a major problem when driving. If the tire pressure Is too high, prone in the mud roads and rough road bumps, it Is also likely to lead to inside the tire wear; if the tire pressure Is too low, likely to cause wear and tear on the sidewall of the tire in the vehicle Carrying significant cases, even crushed tire, causing the tire scrapped; so we must be at the wheel of the tire air pressure in a timely manner, the manual Will be marked by a general vehicle driving type tire air pressure should be adjusted accordingly (proper tire pressure based on these data the inflated or deflated).

Second, we try not to slam the brakes while driving on the road, which Is because the brakes on the degree of tire wear Is quite large, Jicha several times, the tire Will change, or even dangerous.

Finally, while driving to concentrate on observing road conditions, to avoid pressure to the wheel stones or other hard objects, if once the pressure may cause a puncture, after all, not as an Automobile tire rubber crawler steel tanks; when potholes, to be noted that, to avoid over the pit, because the pit too Will cause great damage to the tires can cause tire pressure Is critical.

we must love, cherIsh the tires of hIs Car. Because the length of the tire life depends not only on tire wear awayDegree, but also depends on the way you usually drive, that Is how you usually drive to accelerate and brake. If the Car Is your means of transport tools, your legs, then it Is your feet tire, so that, tire Care Is to Care for their feet.