Car three separate seven support, you know the big car maintenance, including what it?

Car maintenance Is a very important job, there Is a word called three separate seven support, we can see the importance of the maintenance of the Car, but there are a lot of people do not know what to pay attention to the maintenance of time There are some unscrupulous businessmen to cheat, so today to take you look at what the big Car maintenance are included.


major maintenance:

Great Care and based on a small maintenance, replacement Care products except for oil and oil filter, increases the air and vapor filter

oil filter. These two functions are filtered in the air filter dust, impurities in the gasoline effect. Engine of

normal operation, based on a variety of skin Care products on fair use. After use the oil filter reaches the time limit if not replaced, it Will adversely affect engine performance.

major maintenance projects

First, the oil

oil Is lubricating the engine Is running. Can play the engine lubrication, cleaning, cooling, sealing, Save Function

mill. Engine parts to reduce wear and prolong the service life of great significance.

Second, the oil filter element

oil filter element Is a filter oil. Glial oil contain a certain amount of impurities, and add water

agent; in the engine operation, the respective components of metal shavings generated by friction, suction impurities in the air, oil oxo

thereof, are filtered oil filter object. If the oil Is not filtered, directly into the circulation passage, it Will be have a negative impact on the

engine performance and life.

III, Fuel filter

Function fuel filter to provide a clean engine oil, water and gas filter out impurities. Such that

to optimize engine performance, but also provides protection for the engine.

Great Care and long maintenance time

1, using the appropriate grade oil regularly (every 5,000 km) replacement of oil and filter;

2, regular maintenance of the air cleaner and regularly (every 20,000 km) replacement;

3, regular cleaning of the fuel system periodically (every 30,000 km) the replacement of the fuel filter;

4 periodically (30,000 km) Thermal network maintenance tank;

5, regular (or 40,000 km driving situation) replace the spark plug.