Car serviced before must know! Be careful when the 4S shop, do not be routine

say that open from the Car, could not afford the Car, keep a Car keep a Car, while oil prices rose every day, we can not afford to add oil, for one thing the Car after a period of use Is the need to go to 4S shop maintenance , to the 4S shop maintenance expenses each time not cheap, you can not go 4S shop to maintain it? Of course we can, but most of the first insurance Is free, so the first insurance or in the 4S shop to do it, and secondly it Is generally in the new Car warranty period, it Is still recommended that you go to 4S shop maintenance, within the warranty period, if you are on time to the 4S shop maintenance, vehicle manufacturers if a quality Issue Is to give you a free repair.

If not 4S shop maintenance, and repair shop without 4S stores the same vIscosity grade, a level difference can also be used, but it must be a high level, can not be a low level. Manufacturers recommend for example the use 5W-30, 5W-40 can also be used to 0W-40, 5W-20 but not with the. If you have a special Car habit and Car environment, such as driving more fierce, frequently throttle in the end, the engine often can pull four or five thousand revolutions, it should be replaced higher vIscosity engine oil, engine protection Will be better. Manufacturers recommend for example the use 5W-30, 5W-40 can be replaced, it Will be better.

W behind the higher the number, the larger the oil vIscosity, the higher the maximum temperature applicable. The larger the oil vIscosity, the thicker the oil description, the thicker the oil film formed on the surface of the mechanical member, the engine load Is large, high-speed operation, the lubricating effect Will be better, the less wear. Oil vIscosity Is smaller, the more dilute the oil, the thinner the film, Is not conducive to high load, high rotational speed lubrication.

few opportunities to driving rain, the opportunity to use the wiper Is relatively small, therefore, wiper blades daily for some owners the abnormal state, their degree of attention Is not high. When the impact of the wiper effect until the problem has generally been very serious. In addition to daily use, the less water if windshield, the wiper to be empty scratch, easy to increased wear of the wiper, which affect the level of degree. Appears above the windshield something solid, such as dry stool pigeons and other birds, it should also avoid direct use of the wiper scraping hard. Since the main material of the wiper blade rubber, a long time Will harden aging, CarMain Auto shop later to be a rubber-curing agent, a month to spray the rubber wiper blade portions, may act as curing the rubber strip, the rubber strip can be extended at least 30% -50% of the service life. Further, the wiper when the wiper Is not completely found, one kind may be purchased wiper blade prosthesIs, sandwiching the portion of the wiper blade rubber friction, so that irregular wear of the repaired portion.

Note that replacement of fuel filters, air filters, oil filters and oil. Replace the fuel filter, air filter, oil filter and oil are the most common maintenance items, fuel filter, air filter and oil filter and called the three filters, their role Is to filter gasoline, oil and impurities in the air, to prevent impurities from entering the interior of the engine wherein, resulting in abnormal wear of the engine or working abnormal phenomenon. For power steering oil filling or replacement, you must use the correct power steering oil, power steering if used improperly, can cause damage to the machine direction. Oil filter and replace the three ultimate goal Is to better protect the engine, as far as possible to extend the life of the engine.

spark plug believe we all know, some owners can also replace the spark plug yourself, but compared with the ignition wire Is rarely a concern everyone. Some owners wondered Why their Car Is nothing wrong, but just do not love fire, with high fuel consumption, power Is poor, if not the cause, then other reasons, we recommend that you conduct some checks on ignition wire it. Both ends of the ignition wire connection dIstributor and spark plugs, Is the only path passing Cars with the spark to the engine, due to the high frequency of use and the working environment Is poor, prone to aging, damage and other phenomena, resulting in insufficient ignition energy, seriously affecting vehicle power and fuel consumption. Vehicle ignition wire replacement Is recommended every twenty thousand kilometers.

Even after a run of Car should focus on maintenance of the engine, it Is recommended standing beside good oil drums, the engine should be additional means and intake and exhaust system according to the use conditions SD-SF level gasoline engine oil, no less than the manufacturer requirements prevail. Secondly, it Is important to replace the filter regularly. After a certain mileage Cars, oil poor performance, can clog filters, causing oil can not pass through the filter, or filter impulse burst open safeFull valve, put the dirt back to the lubricating parts, prompting engine wear, increased Carbon deposition, the levels of pollution within. These details are crucial, can not be ignored. Also note that regular cleaning of the fuel system. In the fuel to the combustion chamber through the supply passage during the formation of gum and Carbon deposits inevitably, deposited in the oil passage, the Carburetor, fuel injectors and the combustion chamber, the fuel flow dIsturbance, dIsruption of the normal air-fuel ratio , damage to the fuel system.

Most owners often choose to replace the antifreeze in the winter, antifreeze antifreeze Is not the main role, but ensure that the engine Is always in a good working temperature. In the summer when the ambient temperature high antifreeze to help engine cooling. In the winter when low ambient temperatures but also to ensure that the temperature of the engine. ThIs Is a great demand for antifreeze freezing point and boiling point. Antifreeze used in a long time. It Is bound to deteriorate while freezing the boiling point of the occurrence of scale Will change. If the boiling point of the engine becomes low boil easy, low freezing point of the engine block cracking easily. Every Care should check the antifreeze level under normal circumstances. Every year should be checked freezing and boiling, antifreeze normal replacement cycle Is two years or 40,000 km replacement. If the area where the temperature Is milder can be extended to 3 years or 60,000 km replacement. The main time-based.

While many Car owners to Carry out routine maintenance, maintenance, appearance and important parts are always particularly Careful, it Will ignore the occasional Car cleanliness. On the Carpet, mottled underside of the shoe prints in the door panels, instrument panel and roof mIsty dust, even if usually Will do the cleaning, but still require regular maintenance to the 4S shop. Full Car wash: strict accordance with the dusting, cleaning, maintenance trilogy on the instrument panel, roof, rear cylinder platform, seats, the velvet, inside door panels thorough cleaning and overall maintenance. Leather protection: a full range of leather Care tool, use different tools for different parts. Steam sterilization: Professional steam sterilization of air and Car air conditioning vent, seats, velvet to conduct a comprehensive high-temperature sterilization. Dashboards: available self-cleaning brush, daily dashboard, inlet conditioning, switches, buttons, brushing, etc., can be sprayed after cleaning table board wax layer. Ceiling: Available Car vacuum cleaner dust. Seat: The seatMaintenance, first, the seat cover in the seat cover cloth, and the second Is to avoid foods or liquids spilled on the seat, the third Is to avoid scratching the leather surface. The fourth regular cleaning and maintenance of leather cleaners and maintenance agents. The pile: usually spread at the pile foot pad block, to facilitate routine cleaning.

Car paint maintenance routine, there are many that need attention. First, to avoid a dry cloth or duster directly wipe paint, dust, water washed soil surface to the vehicle, to wipe clean with a clean absorbent cloth, avoid self-flushing air dried. Second, the parking should be taken to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, especially white and non-metallic paint. Third, reduce the number of Car wash, Car wax polIshing try not to do. Fourth, pay attention to things of bird droppings and other corrosive promptly removed. Fifth, pay attention to moving to a larger area to reduce corrosion, such as the sea, spread over the pavement deicing salt, such as newly paved asphalt road. Sixth, the summer after high-speed finIsh should be cleaned dead insects hit the front of the vehicle Is in motion, if not cleared up within the vehicle Will finIsh by corrosion in a very short period of time.

when we drive the Car, especially in the case of our Car engine start, we need to know that it Is time to start the engine do not too long, we recommend you five seconds on the line, thIs Is to avoid excessive current causes damage to the battery.