Car secondary care in the end how long to the right? How maintenance Is the key!

Car maintenance project what?

normal Car maintenance can refer to mileage standards, the cycle can be controlled within one year after the last maintenance to the regular maintenance of the project Is very simple, generally only three, 5,000 km with oil filter should be replaced at the same time the oil, air filter replacement cycle: 10,000 km main role Is to block the air cleaner in an engine intake process sucked dust and particles, if the filter net long-term access to clean and replace, there Is no way to shut out dirt and foreign matter. The filter replacement cycle may refer to 10,000 km, when it reaches 5000 km can choose to clean up the demolition, as long as the air quality inside the vehicle environment Is not bad, it Is not always replace the air filter, air filter Is to ensure that the role of Automotive air-conditioning intake pure, inspection standards also suggest cleaning up a 5000 km, can be replaced at the 10,000 km. 10,000 km maintenance Is a small oil filter and oil filter: filter, air filter, gas filter, 20,000 km Mediator, to conduct a major maintenance 20,000 km maintenance performed every 40,000 kilometers of oil, filter, air filter and air filter replacement, there are several routine examination: ① air filter: an air cleaner installed correctly cylinder to reduce wear, and other parts of the pIston and ring (typically once per 5000 km of mileage cleaning, must be replaced every 10,000 km travel air filter).

air filter and air filter to focus

In addition, we have thIs season often run high-speed, we should always focus on the Car’s engine compartment air filter and air filter, the air filter Will be some relatively large impurities, the impurities Will rot and stink, and even affect the engine intake, there are many Car owners to save money the air conditioning filter blown clean filter, and continue to use, so can not play a good filtering action. Oil filter replacement criterion: naturally aspirated engine with a mineral oil replaced every 5,000 km, naturally aspirated engine and semi-synthetic oil 7500 km replacement, turbocharged engine and semi-synthetic oil 5000 km replacement, all types of synthetic oil and the engine 10,000 km replace.

Change the oil only when the oil change Is not enough

In other oil we have to change the oil filter, replacement time standard suggest to a year, many people think that oil should be strictly in accordance with the time to replace the standard, such as a year traveling 2000 km with semi-synthetic oil but also one for six months, which Is what the truth exIst? Causes of deterioration of oil and hazards: air cleaner appears damaged, dust and impurities in the air through the cylinder into the crankcase, oil sludge increase in vIscosity and the lubricating oil Is greatly reduced, so that the oil filter or even blocked by engine wear Big.

reasons for the replacement of oil frequent

domestic oil change frequently reasons: 1 Car for no change in accordance with engine oil should be considered within the domestic unit of time due to the traffic jam driving too slow, but the engine has been at work, so little mileage Car engine has been early at work, the oil should be replaced over time abroad. 2. Different quality of the oil at home and abroad, domestic and foreign oil technology makes a difference, a relatively large number of domestic oil impurities, although there Will be a Carbon filter, however, which can lead to frequent oil changes.