Car owners do not know how maintenance, never a good owners!

With economic development, more and more people start buying Cars, up to now, the US passenger Car population reached 250 million, although the Car a lot of people, but people who truly understand the Car maintenance Is less, Car maintenance Car directly related to the level of power consumption, durable characterIstics of the vehicle, driving stability, severe cases, a direct result of improper maintenance vehicles scrapped, if that happens, really let the owners regretted not having worked hard Car maintenance.

Obviously, now the Car white Car did not understand, but on the most basic knowledge of Car maintenance must understand. Car Care contains a small maintenance and major maintenance, small maintenance mainly refers to: replace the air filter, engine air intake filter, engine oil filter and engine oil. It refers to major maintenance Car engine coolant, brake oil, brakes, tires, engine belt check processing engine deposits and the like!

small Car maintenance

small Car maintenance most important thing Is to replace the engine oil and filter, engine oil maintenance under normal circumstances Is a period of six months or 5,000 kilometers, which Is the 4S shop uniform regulations. A lot of people have thIs maintenance time and the number of kilometers doubts, but thIs Is indeed explicit. 4S shop ThIs provIsion Is clearly the most conservative estimate of the situation, within the maintenance period, the vehicle’s engine failure Will not occur due to the oil and cause damage. After all, after purchasing the vehicle, we have three years or 100,000 km warranty, damage within the warranty period, 4S shop requires repair or compensation.

However, the use of semi-synthetic oil or synthetic oil of the engine oil Is now generally. High quality fully synthetic motor oil, oil of excellent quality, strong anti-oxidation and contamination capacity, higher oil stability, so fully synthetic oil service intervals to 10,000 km or 1 year, and thIs comparIson engine oil suitable for turbocharged compression engine vehicle!

semi-synthetic oil Is blended by a certain proportion of mineral oil and synthetic oil, therefore, semi-synthetic oil as compared to the synthetic oil poor little, semi-synthetic oil maintenance cycle Is 7500 km or 7 to 9 months.

oil service period also and owners of their own driving conditions, if the owner driving conditions more gentle, which Is naturally low for damaging oil some oil service time can be extended, but the specific time limit Is how much oil service, the owner can according to their own vehicle, measured through the oil filter.

major maintenance Car

corresponding to Cars with large maintenance for a wide range of Automobile inspection, maintenance, including engine coolant, vehicle tires, vehicle brake fluid, brake pads, and the like of the vehicle battery power.

1. The engine coolant

Engine coolant maintenance cycle Is generally the case for the about 2 to 3 years or 50,000 km, if the engine coolant Is not maintained for a long time, very susceptible to internal coolant scale, corresponding to the coolant flow variation, engine cooling effect Is not good, when traveling at high temperature in summer, very easy to boil, causing the engine to overheat!

2. Vehicle tire maintenance

vehicle tire maintenance period of 3 to 5 years or 50,000 kilometers. The reason Why there Is a time limit, due to tire by rubber, rubber exposed for a long time, very easily lead to aging. And the longer the tire kilometers traveled, the more severe tire wear, tire wear than if the bottom dead center, tire strength decreased rapidly, if at high speed, it Is easy to puncture, there Will be dangerous.

3. The vehicle brake fluid and brake pads

vehicle brake oil change intervals of about about 2 or 3 to 50,000 km. Hydrophilic vehicle brake oil, a long time without replacement, brake oil contains water, during braking, brake oil temperature Is too high, water Is evaporated into steam, brake fluid containing air bubbles, which seriously affect the braking effect of the vehicle.

For the vehicle brakes, brakeSheet thickness should be greater than 3mm, if the brake pad wear thickness of less than 3mm, the owner should be replaced to prevent damage to the braking system of the vehicle brakes.

4. The vehicle battery maintenance

a vehicle battery maintenance Is very important, but It Is very easily overlooked part of the owner, until one day the owner of the vehicle can not start, can only help, and they knew the vehicle battery damage.

In the battery replacement period of about 3-5 years, but no condition, different life. Car owners usually drive may be performed in the morning battery voltage detection intervals, under normal circumstances, the vehicle after the sleeping Car, the battery voltage should be between 11.8 ~ 12.9V, thIs Is the best range. If the battery voltage Is below 12V, the owner should lead to attention.

These are the little knowledge about Car maintenance, whether you are the new owner or older drivers, should have complete control, but also a clean and comfortable Car working environment.

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