Car owners, car care about you Know?

With the continuous development of society, the Car has been to every family, it has become a common means of transport for routine maintenance of the Car you know how many? Today I Will take you talk about Car maintenance thing.

First of all for their Car, at a certain time have to go to the repair shop, do maintenance, some people sleepwalk to put their Car to others do, that they do not understand, they are professional, but as the owner you have to look at what type of your Car, the Car Is now divided into three categories, gasoline and diesel vehicles, new energy vehicles, here we talk about mainly to gasoline vehicles.

There are two types of gasoline, with the turbine, with the naturally aspirated, two Car motor oil Is a great stress because most people now in pursuit speed and passion, often choose the turbocharged Cars, thIs Car since the exhaust gas continuously to the intake air amount of the engine increases, so as to achieve a strong function of the power fast speed. But the working conditions of the turbocharger Is quite demanding, very strict requirements on oil.

Here we must say something to you, the Car with a turbocharger Is important to use full synthetic oil, but can not use ordinary low-grade oil, if you do not pay attention to thIs area, but blindly to save money, the time or the expense of their own, do not you Care for your Car, the Car Will continue to reverse the problems to trouble you. Here Is a Car owner to take any cheap, but changing the turbocharger. Owners spent more than five or six million, just to save dollars Senpachi oil money

inside the turbocharger shaft, thousands turn up, requires constant lubrication, cleaning cleaning function if the oil can not reach it, inside the turbocharger lubrication Is not in place, it Will cause engine power decreased. Car friends can go see for yourself what type of Car, in order to avoid erroneous maintenance of their Car.

When you go to the repair shop to maintain your Car, based maintenance , oil, filters, air filters, airTune the filter, Is thIs what we call basic maintenance it? No, far more than that, first of all from the outside, the door hinges if applied lubricants, lights are normal Is not normal, whether inside the engine repairman for you to do a clean, antifreeze if there are mIssing or inadequate, whether the brake oil deterioration, whether boost oil needs to be replaced, the glass of water Is mIssing. Followed by the engine chassIs, whether the gearbox oil needs to be replaced, the tire deformation Is aging, whether there Is pinned, air pressure Is sufficient, chassIs suspension series, whether loose, loose ball if the block, whether the damper oil ……

we go to Car maintenance, pay more attention to detail, a lot of people tend to overlook, here strongly suggest that you do not buy oil on the internet, because there are many hidden dangers that on top of things. Read the explanation on top of your Car maintenance these are in place yet?