Car open every day about 10 kilometers, how often you should do maintenance? All owners quick look

open every day 10 kilometers, calculated as 350 days a year, a year traveling 3500 km, mileage Is really not much!

the oil in the engine typical shelf life of 8-10 months

Oil Is shelf life, generally case, the unopened oil barrel, the shelf life of the oil Is about 4 – 5 years, after oil opened, shelf life of about two years, while the inner once added to the engine, the shelf life of the oil Is generally only 8-10 months, of course, here, the term shelf life Is not when it comes to their expiry date on the very spot bad, but no problem refers to a certain shelf life. In contrast, the warranty period of longer synthetic motor oil, mineral oil and relatively shorter.

The reason Why the oil actually shelf life, shelf life Is primarily the oil additive, under normal circumstances, in order to prevent deterioration of the oil, the oil Will be added rust agents, antioxidants, anti-foaming agents, demulsifiers, the shelf life of these additives Is limited. When these additives had failure protection, oil Will begin to emulsify oxide. So, depending on your situation, you can suggest that you replace the oil once a year! No need too often.

When changing oil, according to the provIsions of the minimum vIscosity maintenance manual replacement, preference fully synthetic motor oil, although synthetic oil prices are relatively high, but can be more good reduce increased wear protection, extended service intervals reduce work costs, the whole prices are not much higher.

a private Car traveling about 10 kilometers a day Is very common, in which case we only need to determine the maintenance cycle can be based on time. Most models Will require every 5000 km or 7500 km, whichever Is the time to six months, usually more mileage may vary depending on mileage, whichever occurs first, mileage 10 km every day, you can then relax in the six-month standard, up to one year (12 months) maintenance time. Many online article underestimate the life of the various oil motor oil, antifreeze, etc., such as oil, as engine lubricants, cooling agents, in the case of low mileage, the use of family Cars a year Is no problem.

In addition, we usually have to develop the good habit of diligent self-test. You can view the oil dipstick, after viewing opportunity before the vehicle Is started, or turn off ten minutes Is appropriate, dipstick to measure more than a few times, as long as there Is no need to replace the balance between high and low scale values. For the usually very little driving, or particularly low mileage, we recommend the maintenance time control within a year, more than one year too long can result in some dilution of oil fail, the engine and other components Will no protection a.

a day off work with 10 kilometers which should be the majority owners of Car mileage, like Xiao Bian also 15 kilometers to work every day, to buy a Car on to open, drove for a long time Is necessary regular maintenance, which Is the protection of vehicles, vehicle maintenance cycle Is both time and mileage of two elements, general maintenance cycle Is 5000km or six months, whichever occurs first principle, but some Car owners are not high frequency tangled a problem, we recommend maintenance time Is up, but the mileage a lot worse, thIs case in the end not to maintain it?

we are talking about Car maintenance Is the routine maintenance of small, generally Is to replace the engine oil filter, air filter these three, the rest are doing routine inspections, engine oil use for some time in the future Will appear gradually oxidized, thus losing the lubrication of thIs effect, it can not protect the engine, because it Will not replace the outdated lead to oil thickening, sticking to the various parts of the engine caused some damage to the engine, which that Is Why we have to do regular maintenance intervals according to maintenance reasons.

of oil it Is time-sensitive, even several kilometers not to, but over time after the oil Will be oxidized, need to be replaced, as for maintenance cycle landlord to see what kind of oil to use, under normal circumstances, it Is recommended to use fully synthetic oil service, fully synthetic oil service although the price Is slightly more expensive, but its maintenance are all longer, can reach a year or 10,000 km maintenance time, whether it Is fully synthetic engine oil cleanliness, liquidity, including the ability to cool the engine oil to be better than others.

In summarySaid, because oil oxidation characterIstics failure occurs, so owners must be regular oil changes, even if the number of kilometers traveled Is not the time to be still Is to do maintenance, as the latter Is recommended to use fully synthetic oil service, after all maintenance cycle It Will be relatively longer, long-term point of view, or you can save some money!