Car “major maintenance” and “small maintenance” What Is the difference? do you know?

Many Car owners in general, they are very clear, Car maintenance needs to be done, as long as timely maintenance, the performance of the vehicle can get some assurance thIs Car, the problem Will not fail, often. So naturally, the time of Car use Will become very long, but there are a lot of novice drivers, they are behind the wheel, do not know what the Car needs maintenance, the Car does not know how long it takes to conduct a maintenance and repair. Some people would think that determines the age of the vehicle Car maintenance time. But you really do not know? Each Car maintenance needs to be done when it’s traveling a few kilometers Is very important data.

and some family Cars, however, the owner Is not often used, but some owners, but need to open in the day time a dozen hour. Therefore, under different circumstances, the maintenance period, the gap between them Is very large. If we just follow hIs time to count the words, the former vehicle maintenance Will be a little too much. The rear of the maintenance coupons too little. Because in order to solve different problems, and such problems occur simultaneously, so the manufacturers have given the Car a few kilometers there are maintenance to their Kilometers standards, do some maintenance cycle.

Many people may not know, vehicle maintenance Is also a separate, small maintenance and major maintenance, two, way of maintenance. Maintenance usually refers to small Cars dIstance Is not very long, in order to ensure the performance of the vehicle, while doing routine maintenance items. Usually oil to replace oil, filter and routine examination. Engine lubricants are generally required to be maintained, but it plays a lubricating oil, cleaning, sealing, cooling effect, but the Car continued driving. Oil Will occur some deterioration and failure in running them. Therefore, in order to protect our engine, be sure to Ten sections of several kilometers, and replace the oil.

major maintenance, for a small in terms of maintenance. It only needs to change the oil, but also with the replacement, the three filters and the spark plug. Thereafter, the pot, means that three filter, air filter, fuel filter and oil filter. It Is the filter, and filter impurities, dirt and the excretion of use, such as ash in the airDust, sludge and Carbon deposits in the engine oil, it can play the role of excretion. Secondly, after the Car Is traveling long dIstances also need to be replaced, a number of anti-pox meter, shifting the tank, brake fluid, something like a very critical.

Therefore, there Is a difference between small maintenance and major maintenance, we can, depending on the number of rows in, and enjoy the different maintenance and repair, if our vehicle to the maintenance time, timely maintenance, then the performance of the vehicle Is likely to be, rapid decline, the wear Will increase, and may therefore be some failure should not happen . So Car maintenance Is a key part must be learned, as long as we can maintain it well in time, then the accident are not normally happen, but also the right choice.