Car maintenance you really know it? In particular knowledge, presumably many owners do not know!

When it comes to Car maintenance, presumably for Car owners, it could not be more familiar. We know that the Car as a means of transport, along with our daily use, wear and consumption of natural essential vehicles. Especially for some, daily Car frequently, often intense driving friends, timely maintenance Is very important.

want to be a real “old driver” can drive Is important, but equally important Will be keeping a Car. In addition we need to have the skill of driving skills, but want their Car to have a good performance, annual vehicle maintenance work equally worthy of our attention.


Now, Automotive maintenance so important, but also for every Car owners, Car maintenance costs per year are a not a small economic costs. However, every time you go to the 4S shop for vehicle maintenance, Car maintenance content you know how much? We often say that the small Car insurance, big insurance and what Is the difference? For these problems, presumably many owners still do not understand! Next, it Is for me to tell you about, so you Once you have completed thIs knowledge, really know how vehicle maintenance, to avoid future appears to be cheated pit.

In general, the content of a maintenance vehicle comprIsing; replace the engine oil, transmIssion oil, oil filter, air filter, air filter cleaning the throttle, brake pads, or brake fluid replacement and other maintenance item. Wherein each maintenance projects are very important, each has a different meaning maintenance. Through thIs set of maintenance projects to achieve machine performance Car maintenance, Car safety hazards exIst to solve in order to protect the future of Car travel safety.

First of all, the Car engine as a power source, its interior has an extremely complicated mechanical structure, a variety of precIsion parts Is a lot of . Car in daily driving, the engine as the power source output, usually inside the engine wear and collIsion inevitable. Ongoing loss in the machine. Therefore, the timely replacement of engine oil Is very necessary. The engine oil also has a mineral oil, synthetic oil and semi-full engagementInto these types of oil.

Car oil

where the mineral oil Is the most common, the overall performance of a general nature the price Is relatively cheap. The best overall performance fully synthetic engine oil, engine lubrication and maintenance of better, more durable oil, generally used in high-end Car. So, the price Is relatively not cheap. We are here to make a suggestion, if you belong to a Car engine naturally aspirated, usually select a higher maintenance cost semi-synthetic oil on the line; if the engine Is turbocharged, it Is recommended that you replace or fully synthetic oil, it Is a good better protect your Car’s engine.

Automotive maintenance and inspection

After replacing the engine oil, machine filter also have to be replaced together. Filter machine mainly for the oil filter out harmful impurities. Let cleaner oil guarantee a well-functioning system of each Car. If the Car during maintenance, the machine oil replacement filter replacement has not synchronized, it Will cause part of the impurities in the oil returned to the inside of the engine. Over time, extremely detrimental to engine performance. We often say that the small Car insurance in general Is just to replace the engine oil and filter, most of the overall cost just a few hundred dollars. Of course, depending on the model, the cost of each required Is not the same.

In addition, a complete set of Car Care sectors, also including the replacement of the air filter, air filter, clean the throttle, replacement of brake oil, transmIssion oil maintenance projects. Air conditioning and air filter can protect the health of the air inside the Car, to avoid bacteria contamination to human health. Cleaning Car engine Carbon deposits can ease the throttle phenomenon.

to replace the air filter

here and say one more thing, Automotive Carbon phenomenon can not be avoided, we can do Is relieve and regular and effective removal. Replacement of brake fluid, check the brake pads, Car brake system can guarantee safety in the future. It Is also important to replace the gearbox oil, transmIssion oil daily may protect the gearbox cooling and lubrication, provide normal transmIssion. Today, many Car companies offer lifetime free replacement transmIssion oil serviceService.

In short, Car Care and maintenance There Is no single lIst. In the maintenance of an Automobile part, it may also include tire-changing, replacement wipers, battery maintenance, and other wheel alignment maintenance item. Depending on the models we usually dIstinguIsh between different driving habits, maintenance of content every time we also varies. I Care how the Car? When maintenance? I suggest that you still have to judge according to the driving manual. Usually develop good driving habits, scientific Car. Regularly do maintenance and annual maintenance to the vehicle.

regular maintenance to the Car, in order to better protect the performance and life of the Car, more important purpose Is to protect the safety of people and vehicles. Do you think Car maintenance important? In terms of vehicle maintenance, which we have knowledge and experience to share? Welcome to dIscuss the message in the comments area.