Car maintenance yet there are so many “pit”? I regret to know too late ……

to our Car travel has brought great convenience, weekdays, many owners are very good Care of it, like doing maintenance to it ~

make a wax, oil change are often things to do, but many owners still there are many errors on Car maintenance, maintenance of these errors Is wasted money Is not that also damaged the Car owners.

Today, Song Ge Is said on those things about Car maintenance –

paint excessive cleaning

to the Car owners if the “bath” too often, it Will lead to premature aging of the paint, even if the long time let compartment floor, door bottom, are subject to different degrees of damage.

while polIshing wax polIsh or paint to a certain grinding, if the wax Is too frequent, also paint thinner, gloss It Will be worse than before.

Fuel Additive

To add fuel additives really do? ThIs depends on you the owner of the selection and use situation.

Fuel additives are chosen well, not only can play the effect of reducing fuel consumption, but also play a maintenance engine, remove Carbon deposits, environmental protection and other effects.

and claims to be able to use a lot of power increase and reduce fuel consumption of poor quality fuel additives on the market, but may be increased wear of the engine, causing the engine to run bad.

Car engine just like the human brain Is very sophIsticated, lubricating oil, coolant, fuel additives have certain requirements, overuse It Will only increase the engine load.

Replace the oil

aMaintenance mentioned, many people Will think of oil as the Car’s “blood”, but it Is very important to do.

Regular oil changes can ensure the performance of the Car are operating normally, but the best combination of Car maintenance cycles to consider replacing it or not.

vehicle under normal driving circumstances, if synthetic oil, so long as every 1-20000 kilometers can be replaced once the oil.

grade gasoline Is better?

not hearsay good grade gasoline, you are free to add their own Car high-grade oil! Remember, oil Is not suitable for a family vehicle Is never a good oil! If the vehicle Is adding more high-grade gasoline than the Car itself required, although do not see an exception in most cases, but the abnormalities may occur at high speed, large-throttle.

After high-grade gasoline burning speed lower than the low grade gasoline, the vehicle Is in motion not only lead to electric vehicle Will decrease, and the cylinder Will cause Carbon deposition, affect the service life of the vehicle . Grade gasoline engine compression ratio Is a match, may not be “chaotic ride red line”, it Is the best suitable.

Cleaning passage

The method of cleaning Is a lot of oil, such as adding fuel to the cleaning tank agent, free washable washing machine and the like. The main purpose of cleaning the oil Is to remove oil coke, oil supply system to prevent clogging, idle instability, increased fuel consumption, speed Is poor, difficulty in starting and other phenomena.

cleaning oil Is an essential maintenance projects, but not always have to do the maintenance. Song Ge recommended 3-40000 kilometers cleaning oil once, if the vehicles often travel in urban road congestion, could speed up the oil plug, so may be appropriate to increase the frequency of cleaning. Because the detergent contains large quantities of chemical ingredients, so instead of washing too often Will cause unnecessary damage to the vehicle.

tires are imported good?

Some people buy tires especially love to “import”, that the quality of imports should be better. But the foreign and domestic road there Is a certain difference, tire imports in the domestic road do not necessarily behave so well, especially impact-resIstant sidewall aspect may seem not as good as in foreign countries so to the force.

Some foreign brands in the domestic tire production joint venture, based on road conditions in the domestic side of the tire cord fabric layer increases, thereby greatly enhancing the impact resIstance of the sidewall, can better to deal with the country road.

Therefore, joint production of tires in performance can completely replace imported goods, and the price Will be more affordable.

Song Ge remind

Car to accompany us to travel together, go home, you like partners, like take Care of it right, but to pay attention to ways and means of reasonable Care science Is king ~