Car maintenance when it should be looking? LIsten to how old drivers say

Car maintenance when it should be looking? LIsten to how old driver said

Introduction: science and technology Is now in constant development, people’s means of transport Will be more abundant, and public transportation tools like the Metro bus and the like, are now very widespread and long-dIstance transport like trains Yeah, high-speed rail has become the aircraft of choice for many people to travel some, but if there Is a means of transport and also compared these vehicles the most sought after people, the same Is most convenient, that Is the Car, but the past few years the Auto industry Is in constant development, so that people buy a Car also became commonplace.

Therefore, the increase Is also a Car driven by a lot of other industries in their development like a test drive Auto repair, etc., and of course the Car 4s shop we all know that the Car maintenance in general are basically maintenance in the 4s shop, but relatively speaking the words on maintenance costs, 4s shop Is definitely better than ordinary repair shop so much more expensive, except that I do not know owners who have not considered, that Is, when vehicle maintenance, not to stare at it next?

on thIs Issue also has a lot of old driver said when the Car Is actually Carried out maintenance in the 4s shop, once the time spent Is very long, if if large maintenance, it may even have to spend a whole day, if it has been left alone if the next words, a waste of time, might as well do a little rest area to get down to business, but also some older drivers Will have a different views, especially those new to the owner of the Car Is not so clear, If we can stand aside to look over it, might be able to learn something, but thIs Is certainly the reason appears to have some strong, after all, just look at it certainly not learn anything, of course, there are a lot of owners think that if the watch aside, then surely the fear of those who deliberately master repair parts to replace, so it adds a lot of maintenance costs in the invIsible a.

and over here, there Is a very real one example, some time ago when there was a reaction other owners like a, ah, say to buy a Car returnTo open less than 10,000 kilometers to 4s shop maintenance when it occurred in a very silent thing for owners, and the owners most likely owners are the same that maintenance staff when he lounge play phone, wait until after the maintenance of the bin, the owner first saw thIs item on maintenance bills let him very confused and that Is to replace the brake pads, he usually attaches great importance to the maintenance of the Car according to the owners say , but the Car just ran less than 10,000 km for brake pads in accordance with reason, then, certainly do not need to be replaced, so he found a repair shop, but the maintenance of the master has expressed the rear wheel brake wear was more powerful, for a new give, and maintenance of the master also took a special for older brakes looked at him, but the owner of the brakes Is not so understanding, plus there Is no the evidence, so it was finally dropped.

Therefore, we recommend that owners of older drivers who usually go to 4s shops to maintain the time, if you really do not have, if anything else on hand, you can directly to the side to see, especially the need to replace some key parts of the project when maintenance Will prevent unexpected occurs, of course, If we go to 4s shop maintenance time, if something happens, if the owner Is really no way to get out the words, that the owner can emphasize, if if for any important parts, then we must first give me that look, or give me remind you that after I am confirmed to wait until replaced, so also effectively prevent those 4s shop put above you Some parts give you new to replace you, so thIs Is a very good way. When

Finally, when we next went to 4s shop for maintenance, you can go to be maintained in accordance with the above these methods, so not only busy pumping out the time to stare at, and Will not cause 4s shop staff give you change some other parts, owners of good friends, your Car has not encountered such a situation, when you Care? Can comment out the following in the comments section of the article, can look like small series.