car maintenance! What you need to pay attention to four areas?

Car for people now, it Is really useful Is very large, in addition to their commuting do not go to crowded bus, crowded subway outside, to go traveling Is very convenient, like when to go on when to go and we often go to 4s shop maintenance experience to the Car, but the Car repair and maintenance must pay attention to these four aspects, what do you know? After

First, do not wash frequently

just bought a new Car, many drivers Will Auto regarded as treasures of the week, if not too busy working time, can not wait for the Car wash every day, in fact, thIs Is absolutely not, there are Car wax, Car looks particularly clean on just bought the Car, while the Car from to a protective role. If a long Car wash Will wash Car wax, Car wash workers if improper operation, also may leave scratches on the surface of the Car.

Second, do not always clean engine

ThIs Is not simply washed with water on the line, but the use of when oil and professional cleaners to clean up your time with the engine tends to produce motion, if the cylinder clean-up, recommended frequency Is not too high, if you only bought the Car, you finIsh at around 50,000 km of clean up once on OK.

Third, do not often change Car oil

lubricating oil Is known engine Is a fast running speed, the friction force required for high mechanical components, between the cylinder and pIston have been doing rapid reciprocating motion, if there Is no lubricant, then serious injury, wear, friction Will overheat the engine, rust , vibration and other Issues Will follow, then the oil came into being, concrete can be replaced according to the Car’s maintenance manual.

Fourth, do not often replace the gearbox oil

In other Car gearbox in when the frequency of oil Is not the same, there are a number of gearbox oil do not have a lifetime of serviceLet’s say oil Automatic transmIssion that he could about 100,000 km replaced every time, while the manual transmIssion can also be 100,000 kilometers, when a transformation, transmIssion replacement time do have to pay attention to identify its quality and its authenticity also a kind of love our Cars, different each manufacturer of gearboxes, the requirements of technology also has a very big difference, so the owners need to be replaced strictly according to the warranty manual.