Car maintenance What are the benefits? What Will happen if no maintenance?

Car maintenance What are the benefits? If you do not Care what Will happen? First Car Is to rely on the force of the operation of the mechanical movement, under the action of mechanical movement, it Will certainly result in additional wear and loss, so it requires regular Car mileage or time for maintenance. What Ruoguo no maintenance Will be simple to say:

engine – engine oil change and maintenance mainly refers to the cylinder, usually of 5,000 km (half synthetic motor oil), 10,000 kilometers (synthetic oil), but also contains oil filter change, if not exceed the mileage to be replaced, the oil Will deteriorate, and mechanical movement, the cylinder dust and metal debrIs Will be more and more, leading to increased oil vIscosity and then cured and finally, complete damage to the engine, without replacing the oil filter can not filter, metal debrIs blockage. braking systems – mainly brake pads, brake dIscs or brake drums, wear a long time, generally 60,000 km maintenance time, without replacing lead to increased stopping dIstances, not even brake, brake fluid should be replaced on time or filling, the oil Will cause aging pipes get clogged, causing the brakes ineffective. Tire – Tire maintenance Is the main target, such as a Car tire on the shoes, but people do not wear shoes still running, but the Car did not tire, that could hardly move, tire maintenance department Is mainly due to aging, to be replaced before the tread wear.

Car could not have been without maintenance, the problem or repair to repair, because it was Carrying a driver’s life, not child’s play.