Car maintenance trap, than a difficult to prevent accidentally fooled, read the benefit!

As the saying goes Cars by raIsing seven one-third by repair, which shows the importance of vehicle maintenance. But some owners believe that Car maintenance Is not really that important, anyway, the Car Is to serve the people rather than people serving the Car, thIs Is a wrong idea, if you do not maintain the Car, then your Car’s service life may be significantly shortened. However, it comes to Car maintenance, I think every owner must be a full stomach grumbling, Car maintenance in the face of so many traps, the owner does not want slaughtered very difficult, then how can we eat a cutting wIsdom of it? The following Is a summary of the owners to look at the five most common pitfalls, than a difficult to prevent accidentally fooled, make sure your benefit!

1. Alternatively damaged tire. Let me talk about tire problems we most frequently encountered, usually because of a nail puncture the ground, sharp things like glass punctured. If you encounter thIs situation, after the spare tire should be replaced with a punctured tire to the tire shop specializing in repair, unless it Is being cut side up, beyond repair, or maintenance workers do not advIse you to lIsten to some change a proposed new tires. Patching a tire can not spend much money, but get a new tire, repair shop owner to earn more money. So the next best professionals repairman side of the story do not consult when things go wrong tires.

2. Replace the radiator coolant. Sometimes we go to the 4S shop or repair and maintenance shop for routine oil changes, some maintenance man would suggest that you have a way to change the coolant. Engine coolant radiator Is used in a mixture of water and antifreeze, and oil degradation mode such cooling fluid Is not the same as, or different from a natural frequency of replacement. Unless the radiator coolant Is polluted, or Automobile mileage over 100,000 km has not changed in the cooling liquid, both cases can be replaced, usually do not believe the words of those who sell it.

3. Amateur do swindling Car paint when traveling, inevitably there Will be virtually scratch the paint, many owners choose to petty painting those who do not have qualifications Car wash, Car beauty shop offers ultra-low painting business. Although painting the price a lot cheaper, but the face of the process Is not standardized not professional, clear up paint color, paint fast aging, and even crack off, and then after the high prices to the professional Automotive beauty shop remedy, had to save moneyIt took more money wasted it really Is not worth the candle.

4. Unnecessary replacement of air filters. When Will it be to replace the air filter, only when dust, pollen and other dirt to clean the filters have blocked the necessary replacement. But normally it still has to regularly check the next filter, vIsually to see if blocked even need to be replaced. ThIs vIsual inspection does not take too much time, a matter of minutes, do not spend money, if they can not see it in the usual time for repair and maintenance of skilled workers helped look. But if they did not check how it would suggest that you need to replace the air filter, in all likelihood Is a sell pit, be Careful not planted into it.

5. Sneak against the old new. The old against the new, that Is, the repair parts (mainly some waste section) re-sanding, painting as “new”, secretly installed the old parts to the vehicle, but then the owner lied to new parts, new parts of charge owners price. While posing new piece by piece or repair old pieces, thIs bad practice profits up 50% -80%. Therefore, when servicing a vehicle service parts replaced, be sure to take away the owner, not left to repair any old parts plant, the maximum to avoid the old against the new phenomenon.

sometimes do little maintenance, they Will call you to clean oil or proposed to replace the three filters. In fact, small maintenance only need to replace the oil and oil filter, others are major maintenance only need to change, and thIs must pay attention to. If at the time of bigger maintenance, staff recommend that you do the balancing, wheel alignment, etc., we must consider, these are generally not need to do. Because only replacement tires, wheels and tires and the rear wheel mend from excessive impact, the steering wheel at high speeds jitter occurs only dynamic balance; tire or vehicle deviation unilateral partial damage or wear Will do wheel alignment. There Is no such a situation arIses, you do not do thIs.