Car maintenance to do when in the end not been staring at? Old driver said hIs views

A lot of people are very Care of my Car, not just scrub it often, but in strict accordance with the maintenance manual for maintenance, a specified time or to achieve the appropriate mileage, flew to the 4S shop maintenance. We 4S shop maintenance, you’ll find some people are sitting in the lounge 4S shop’s rest, some people are staring at the maintenance staff to do their own Car maintenance, maintenance staff fear for their own Car tricks. That the Car to do maintenance when in the end not been staring at their work? There Is old driver said hIs views.

These have been staring at the maintenance people who work, simply means that 4S shop staff do not believe that, I felt some not master the ability to work, and the quality Is not very good. Indeed, before the Internet there Is rebellion, said the owner, hIs Car when maintenance, repair old master does not put a clean oil, but left part, then fill it with new oil Will only note a majority on the line the remaining part of the new oil on their own hide, and then taken out to sell. Or Is there master, when your Car needs to change the spark plugs, I feel old can use, Will not give you change, put your money to buy new to hide. Although these small individual parts are not worth much, but there are so many people go to Car maintenance day, per Car to do maintenance all along parts down a little, a lot of money one day, and for only a few thousand of those wages maintenance of the master, these can be a lot of extra money, so it Is easy to happen.

However, thIs situation may occur much before, but now a lot of 4S shop repair shop are fitted with a camera, maintenance of the entire process Will be recorded, has been very difficult to play tricks. Some netizens said: not a problem adjusting to monitor it.

So, for now the Car to do maintenance we can not worry, now a lot of 4S shopThe maintenance procedures are standardized, after all, it depends on maintenance to maintain the customer base, so if you do like the above, there Is no estimate of how many people come to the store maintenance, and that he would lose more money, more harm than good.