Car maintenance to do these projects, several points need to pay attention, you know? Novice Notice!

With the continuous improvement of living standard, Car gradually into the millions of households which, also keep a Car almost all the people are doing things, and the process of keeping a Car in addition to costs and pay a lot of money outside time cost, you often need to spend a lot of thought.

about the maintenance problems of the Car, it should be considered to raIse the more important Car during a session, because thIs Car in the future after each maintenance are likely to affect the Car the condition. In the process of vehicle maintenance needs to do a lot of projects, almost every item can affect the Car’s driving experience, for the maintenance of these items, you know enough about it?

a the matter of changing the Car oil

Change the oil Is maintenance process Is the most important step, but also the most familiar of a maintenance project, oil mainly plays the role of lubrication, so that the engine run better, in general, change the oil in the period of about 7500 km, but considering the different quality of the oil, so using different qualities of oil change intervals are different. If mineral oil Is used in the Car, the replacement cycle Is about 5000 km; If you are using semi-synthetic oil, 7500 kilometers on a replacement cycle Is very suitable; for a relatively high quality synthetic oil, a replacement cycle usually around 10,000 kilometers.

Second, the periodic replacement of the oil filter on the

As the name suggests, the main purpose of the oil filter Is used to filter out impurities contained in the oil and dust, so that the engine can be better lubrication, and thus enhance the performance of the Car. Because the machine Is used to filter the oil filter, and therefore, the maintenance cycle should be synchronized and oil change intervals.

Third, replace the air filter cycle on the

air filters and oil filters not only the name sounds like a , but also similar effect, it Is the use of a filtered back impurities in the oil, while the other Is used to filter out dust and foreign matter in the engine intake during inhalation, and the like. If not replace the air filter and the like, Will affect the level of the Car to the intake, thus leading to sharp decline in engine performance, Is the most intuitive reaction force Will become worse. However, the air filter needs to be replaced are not always Care, but every little need for maintenance when the air filter clean slide down a bit, but when the slide down the Great Barrier filter can be replaced with new machines.

Fourth, note antifreeze filling the

has a role in Automobile antifreeze engine cooling system, once antifreeze mIssing, it Will lead to a sharp increase in Car oil, Will not only instantaneous power drop, and even Cars can not make normal driving, if the line before continuing to drive at a high oil temperature may cause the Car engine pull the cylinder case appears. Antifreeze replacement cycle Is generally about two years, just to keep in mind: Do not mix different antifreeze must be used because it contains antifreeze chemicals, antifreeze mix of different chemical reactions may occur, so that the cooling system of corrosion and so on.

Fifth, the brake pads on the replacement cycle

In fact, there Is a brake pad life, usually 8 about million kilometers, however, if there Is damage to the brake system of identification or braking performance has significantly reduced the time on your dashboard, remember must go to the repair shop to check whether their Car brake pads need to be replaced because of possible brake pads too thin It can cause brake system failure, and brake system failure Will directly endanger the safety of passengers.

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