Car maintenance to be classified with T key maintenance engine, old drivers to teach you four strokes

knows Car maintenance to do, but how to do Car maintenance Is really a question worth considering after buying a Car, in fact, many people do not know Is that Car maintenance Is to be classified, divided into naturally aspirated key maintenance and engine maintenance with T engine, 4 strokes teach you old driver, good Car maintenance, can open up for several years.

must first clear an idea, Car Care must be checked regularly. Whether to open a million luxury Cars, or tens of thousands of low-end Cars, Car maintenance should be Carried out regularly, especially turbocharged engine itself Is more prone to failure, and good technology Is relatively mature, regular maintenance can still improve service life.

The second point to be clear Is that the number of oil changes and maintenance must be moderate. For turbocharged engines, the role of oil Is more important, it can play a lubricating, anti-corrosion effect. If too little oil, engine wear Is too large, seriously affecting their life, but not too much, it Is easy to cause problems burning oil.

Point 3 say Is as important as oil and gasoline. In Car maintenance manuals of some turbocharged engine models which clearly show that the use of gasoline 95, use Is really good to be more than 93 gasoline, and therefore may be appropriate to pay more at No. 95 gasoline.

the first 4:00, and on many older drivers often said the same, good Car maintenance Is more important than a good Car, to develop good driving habits, often to promote the performance of the Car to play in the invIsible. Note or slam on the brakes to avoid the pedal to the metal from happening, thIs Is the old driver should have style, driving Will firmly Dangdang.