Car maintenance tips to keep in mind that you know?

I believe that many owners Will have a question, how do they can make their Car for a long time to maintain a good youthful vitality it? With the popularity of private Cars, it Is increasingly valued on the conservation of the Car. Previous “There was a failure to repair,” the old views have basically been denied to the majority of owners, more and more Car owners have come to understand the importance of regular vehicle maintenance. Following small to share and use knowledge of a few small maintenance vehicles.

1. regularly check the tire

Is like an Automobile tire shoe, the whole area of ​​contact with the ground the vehicle Is four wheel. I believe that many owners have seen many cases of accidents caused by tire hazard. Therefore, we should cultivate the habit of daily inspection of the tires to see if rolling tires, lack of gas, whether aging and wear and regular cleaning of the tire tread in the foreign body, in the 30,000 kilometers could do a swap front and rear wheels, extend the use of tires life.

2. light check

light Is easily overlooked check items. Vehicle headlights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals and fog lights have regular inspections to ensure the normal use. Because the bulbs are wearing parts, have a fixed life. If the light of damage must be promptly replaced, or very prone to accidents while driving. Xiao Bian seen since before the Car rear-end accident brake light does not shine cause, so we must pay attention to thIs.

3. Cleaning vehicle

we often see wrapped in a thick layer of ash vehicle on the street, and some even above there Is a bird feces and other objects. These things for a long time to clean up the paint Will not damage the Car, also left traces even after wash. It Is recommended that you regularly clean your Car, keep the Car clean inside and outside. Note that when the vehicle surface dust, clean themselves must be cautious. Because if the cloth sliding on the sand with paint, your Car Will cause secondary damage.

4. chassIs check

a lot of Car owners usually very cherIsh, but forget the Car’s chassIs Is also very easy in part by injury. Since the chassIs from the ground very close, very easy rub during driving, rainwater or the like or corrosion. So you can regularly check whether there Is damage to the chassIs to prevent water leaks and other safety problems.