Car Maintenance “Tips”: these points do the following to make your car more than a couple of years!

Car maintenance “tips”: these points do the following to make your Car more than a couple of years!

There are a lot of people have bought a Car, although in recent years when buying a Car Is a lot to be convenient than in previous years to buy a Car, but on a subsequent Issue of keeping a Car in It Is also a big problem, but when it comes to keeping a Car, we usually have are to do maintenance on the Car, but only on their own Car maintenance well enough, then it can increase the life of the Car, but Care about Cars, there are many owners are also not particularly aware of. Today to chat to you about Car maintenance “tips”: do following these points, so that your Car can be more than a couple of years!

1, for Car headlights at night when driving plays a big role, and if driving at night when the lights if there Is damage , then while driving Is very dangerous, so that in time for vehicle maintenance inspection lights also do not ignore, and some of our lights while driving may not notice, therefore it Is necessary some professional equipment to be checked, so that the timing for the lights should be checked, do not wait for a problem to go to repair, otherwIse it Is likely to lead to a big mIstake.

2, on the Car, there are two liquids are very worthy of our attention, and that Is the Car’s glass of water and antifreeze. Although for a glass of water and antifreeze Is not particularly Automotive business, but also at a critical time can be brought to bear, and some owners but then they are not special attention, and sometimes may be in order to save costs with some other liquids to replace, but in order to be able to make better use of Car Is recommended or not to do so.

3, in addition to also pay attention to the Car’s “three.” The “three” Is the only road tires tire pressure, tire tread and tire stop brakes used. And three for the Car Is in motion the process plays an important role if it Is to high, the situation puncture occurs, and if the tire pressure Is too low then the Car Will be in the non-driving timeNormal fuel consumption. And if the situation on the tire tread cracking or breakage occurs, then the Car Is also very prone to burst hIs question about the addition of brake pads If the brake pads insensitive, then encountered while driving in the process of moving to some emergency situations, it Is likely it Will brake the Car, but also very dangerous, so on these three places Is to always check.

4, and the last Is a “four kinds of oil”, while the four oil refers to an engine oil, Is Automatically system, brake oil, gear oil as well as oil power transmIssion and steering systems. And we all know that oil Is able to allow normal operation of the engine, while the brake fluid Is assIsted Automatic braking system, chassIs and transmIssion oil Is to lubricate the gear box of the role, power steering oil Is produced various steering system a supporting role. About four oil also plays an important role in our driving process, so that we usually have to pay attention to replace these four oil, but also in time to replace the brand on the added also must pay attention , do not select those poor, otherwIse the Car Will also cause great impact.