Car maintenance tips, these four points you need to know, you know it?

Now, with travel more convenient, but also every household have a basic Car, the Car Is our means of transport, we need tools for its maintenance and repair, as it relates to the life of the Car, so the Car to how to effectively maintain it. With a look.

of the tire. Always check the pressure in all four tires, if the pressure reduction to accelerate, try to find professionals to check, maintain a reasonable daily traveling speed driving, avoid accelerated tire wear. Check wheel plum, pay attention if signs of wear over, it Is necessary to stop using. external light. Always check all exterior lights, look at whether the cracks, if cracks should be repaired in time to prevent external moIsture from entering, affect the life of the lights, the other relatively low light, to avoid a hard object damage, so try to periodic inspection. wiper. Clean the wipers, avoid direct sunlight, so easy to accelerated aging speed wipers, that we must pay attention. Car refrigeration and air conditioning. Maintaining filters, hygiene evaporation tank and air conditioning ducts, add refrigerant to avoid affecting the cooling effect, if noIsy, to adhere to the compressor, you can add a little oil to extend the life of the compressor, reducing the amount of oyster sauce, to speed up the cooling rate. finIsh. Do yourself frequently clean the Car, go to a professional Car maintenance performed maintenance of local Car cleaning and Care. Avoid paint scratches, affects the appearance of the Car. long-stay parking, pay attention to the Car in a dry and ventilated environment, avoid mildew and aging Car interior Car seat and other items, in addition, if there Is petrol inside the Car, do not continue to use, and avoid a lot of problems. Automotive films. Go to a professional place to find experienced personnel to film the Car, because thIs Is a highly specialized job requirements.

8, how to get started fast speed: in a case where the vehicle load or low load, the second gear directly fromStep (lossy not worry about the vehicle, because the first gear and the clutch Is designed according to heavier loads, and most of the Car a second gear upshift Is not smooth), washed rapidly after 3000 revolutions push third gear, then rushed more than 3000 rpm, then the general Car Will fall behind with you, calmly switching fourth gear, fifth gear, can change directly to the five-speed (for payment after the highway), but does not increase fuel consumption, it may be a test.

9, how to extend the life of the lamp: After a Car or a new lamp, the lamp wipe again with alcohol, to eliminate grease and fingerprints. I did so after buying the Car, has a light bulb Is not bad.

10, how to eliminate the noIse generated by the individual tire uneven wear: wheel alignment, to find the balance of a bicycle repair, or by buying the rasp, uneven tread the local flat file does not ring.

Car maintenance taboos which

1, different brands of coolant do not mix use

everyone knows that lack of time to add engine coolant should be, but if you put a different brand of coolant temperature with the use of it? If so, advIse you as early as possible to cool down was let go, re-add the same brand of coolant. Because different brands of cooling liquid which may be differences between the chemical properties, such as effective preservatives ferrous metals, often corrosive to aluminum products; as applied to the aluminum alloy ferroalloy harmful preservatives. Because different brands of cooling liquid used in the preservative, it can not be mixed.

2, do not tire as bolts and nuts oil coating

In the maintenance of the wheel, a small private Car owners to prevent rust wheel nuts on the bolts, ingenuity to the installation of bolts and nuts are coated with oil, I do not know that thIs approach Is not only wrong, but also bring some rIsks to road safety. After tightening bolts and nuts, are at a self-locking properties. Lubricate the rear, self-locking between the two coefficients becomes small, self-locking performance. When the Car at high speed, it Is easy to loose bolts and nuts and even fall off, causing traffic accidents.

3. Do not rinse internal body

Summer, common private owners while rinsing with water body, while a rag, like to remind private owners are: internal body Is best not to use water rinse. Because the cab floor pad below Is not a “level ground” on the need to structure the cab floor pad below the groove, the through-hole very much. After washing with water, drying or easily deposited within the groove, or rust flows from the through holes of the member on the gearbox. Particularly preferred sealing performance Cars not to direct wash water inside of the vehicle body. The correct way Is to wipe with a damp cloth, but avoid stagnant water.

4, do not step on the gas when the EFI Cars start

before starting the engine kicks step on the accelerator, Is the habit of many drivers, especially It Is in the winter cold start. However, thIs method Is not suitable for starting the EFI Cars. Engine Is equipped with electronically controlled fuel injection device Is different from an ordinary Carburetor engine, the fuel injection control apparatus that can, Automatically adjust the operating conditions of the engine fuel supply amount according to the temperature, so that a smooth start of the engine, i.e. the cold start, fuel injection control means can Automatically increase the amount of oil. So, EFI Car engine start, there Is no need to step on the gas, not consecutive slam before the start, but otherwIse the engine start-up failure.

Car maintenance to achieve three key net, oil, water, gas, oil including fuel, oil, gear oil, fuel oil now at the gas station did not said engine Is the heart of the Automobile, oil directly affects the life of the engine, and now the market has a good variety of oil variety, do not feel bad money to own the Car plus the best of the oil, if it Is in a good situation urban environment , the Car ran 10000-15000 km oil change once a nothing Issue, in the rural dirt road running too much dust, not more than 10,000 km oil change at the same time replace the oil filter. As long as no shortage of gear oil, two or three years does not change no problem. Water now with antifreeze, plus a model of attention, not to be lightly applied, once a year for the best. Air filter Is also very important influence on the launch, the best no matter what Car blowing a strong month, a quarter of new ones.