Car maintenance tips, must be purchased spare tire, one week would go to maintenance time

I think we are not very familiar with their how Car maintenance, Car maintenance should think would want to take Care of it, do not go down when the Car’s maintenance manual. Really need to go to some places where specialized maintenance of vehicles, but some of the time as long as thIs measure would make things right, there Is no need to spend the time and money, as long as the usual attention to these points, the Car Will not appear small problems, small series that we all feel with a look at how to maintain their Car now.

We should all know the Car a month or a week or so are going to maintain it the best. As long as your Car Is well maintained, it Will not appear always say something wrong with thIs place, that place or faulty. Now most people have their own Car, after a Car but the price Is very expensive but also need to spend a lot of money to maintain. For more of hIs articles Careful maintenance, many people are beginning to realize the importance of conservation of their Car, then they Will usually drove hIs Car to do a regular Car maintenance, but very few people can realize that routine maintenance the importance, in fact, Xiao Bian want to say thIs Is also very important to daily maintenance.

The first Is when we do not get on the train with the fire began to drive away, you have to wait for the Car slow slow wait for a few seconds, so that my Car feel the presence of power. Then Is the external finIsh of hIs Car, our Car owners usually know sometimes Carelessly Will make hIs Car outside the paint rubbing off one. Except for some Car Careless collIsion occurred off paint, what else makes the paint off the outside of it?

In fact, we do not know Is not the best Car in the sun exposure because the sun more likely to damage hIs Car on top of the paint, so it Is best let the Car parked to find a cool place. And there Will be a bird feces, moss landing thIs fall in the Car on top of things, thIs kind of thing in the words might be very embarrassing. If a foreign object on the roof, then you need to clean, many people believe that clearThe best way to clean the outside of the vehicle Is a rainy day walk around to come back on the line, feeling very convenient can still save money.

Such an approach for the vehicle, not very good, because the rain has been present in the material injury to the Car’s exterior paint Will. Way to really want to save money, or your own personal Car wash more appropriate, but some people find it too much trouble. If they do not bother to pay attention to so direct daily crazy Car, it Is best to find it parked in an underground garage. Not to save money, the vehicle parked on the roadside.

so that small to give us a little scientific knowledge to keep a Car, like I said above that. There Is tires, Car tires generally have to prepare a spare tire, if the tire out of the situation can all be done promptly replaced. Also to see their tires on a regular basIs, if the bulge thIs terrible situation, remember to talk to quickly change. Tires are usually below the normal life of five years, over three years. If the problem has not reached three years, it Is likely that because of quality problems. In addition, try not to let the speed too fast and do protect the tire, avoid the tire Is running on the bad road conditions.