Car maintenance tips, know these three, no longer need to spend time and money to care

now determine whether a person or rich worth relying on, Car and house are measured, a long time ago it used to measure the house, but with the development of the times, the Car also can be compared to the house, and the price of the Car completely lost in a house. It seems, now accounting for the Car in the vast majority of people’s lives, it Is still very important. What about some maintenance tips Car, you know how much it? These tips can easily do yourself, you do not need to pay someone to Car shop to get, and that they can easily do so.

Car seat accidentally dirty how to do? Car Will often come out to be total Sometimes people also often walk around in, and could bring something accidentally to the Car dirty. So long as it Is not too dirty to clean or can wash themselves clean, but there are some seat belt cushion that Is still relatively good, can simply be removed to clean the cushion, but not how you should wash the cushion it?

Car wash chair time to pay attention, do not pour a bucket of water Will directly above, bring a towel wet wet seats, and now the majority of Car They are real leather chairs, so cleaning Is more convenient. Leather looks more smooth, glue dirt Is also very easy to clean. In washing with soap and water Is preferably leather seats. Because it Is not only powerful cleaning ability and Will not damage the dermIs. Remember to wipe down with a dry towel, and not to close the door, seat ventilation to dry after washing clean. But like some of the vomit looks dirty it Is clean in thIs way, if unable to bear nausea, and that was the Car to the shop to clean it.

small scratches the surface of the Car should be how to remove? Even ordinary Car to be so Careful to also make their Car accidentally scratched the face of small scratches to the vehicle maintenance shop Is not very sensible, after all, only a little, you need not spend so much money a bit intellect, but also worthwhile. ThIs time as long as a toothpaste can easily help Car owners to make their restitution. Many people think that toothpaste Is not so magicalEffect, but it looks really possible.

originally toothpaste friction agent to the dirt on the teeth hijacked by friction. The Car wax Is also polIshed by friction around the smooth, not directly to the scratches dIsappear. So there Is a certain toothpaste Is the ability to get rid of small scratches, but large areas of scratches, toothpaste effect Is not great, thIs situation can only go Car shop to spend money to ask for help. Remove scratches with toothpaste gently rub a few times Is not on the line, you need to repeatedly rub the scratches removed.

If there Is a trademark stickers on the window, then you can just wind spirits, drop a few drops, adhesive can be used directly wet paper towels to wipe down, obsessive owners do not Care about the residual traces of glue Will affect the appearance. Even if you can not find Fengyoujing also use toothpaste to try it. After more than three on Car maintenance tips see Is not that simple? They can easily do, you do not need to go to the Car shop to find someone to help. And are some small problems, then take Care to always feel a little loss, if it Is the time when the maintenance that Is another matter.