Car maintenance tips, keep in mind these points, it-yourself car maintenance

learn these Cars beauty knowledge, do not go to the 4S shop maintenance! Owner: save a lot of money! In recent years the development of the Automotive industry on fast, to Car maintenance beauty Is everywhere pit! Today to introduce some of their Car at home can easily Beauty small coup.

a: Five Points conservation of the engine: 1, using the appropriate oil level and a given time to replace the oil filter; 2, regular maintenance of the air cleaner and periodic replacement; 3, regular cleaning of the fuel system to replace fuel filter periodically; 4, regular maintenance of the water tank cooling network; 5, periodic replacement of spark plugs.

two: Check the temperature rIsing Automobile tires, check the tires for vehicle safety Is also essential, including checking wear of tire pressure, tire whether there Is loosening the bolts. If the driving feel of the steering wheel jitter or deviation phenomenon, to the service station to do four or balancing wheel alignment check.

Three: vehicle mirror. Now some vehicles with Automatic heating, not a lot of Cars, if the fast way road, it can take pieces of soap after a rub rub the mirror, and then take a dry cloth wiping, dripping Will not stick, and can play a almost layer of wax.

IV: Vehicle small scratches. You can take clean cloth, toothpaste squeeze up, and then rubbing friction not substantially one minute, and can go try.

five: If stained with oil or whitening phenomenon occurs on the bumper, first with a cleaning agent to clean hard brush, until dry and then sprayed leather Care agent, the bumper Will be bright.

Six: check whether the lack of antifreeze liquid, with or without modification, if necessary, replenIsh or replace the antifreeze may seem trivial, but the impact on the Car. very large, ranging from clogged pipe, heavy corrosion damage to the cylinder, so Carefully choose with caution antifreeze, one should not mix, and second, do not use fake and shoddy products. Further, in general, antifreeze should be changed every two years, preferably before replacing the cooling system with water rinse.

more Car maintenance knowledge, hopeYou can help! If better suggestions welcome message exchange, to work together to protect our Car.

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