Car maintenance tips: how long to replace the oil, how to choose a good oil!

Now more and more families have their own Car, the saying goes, the Car Is a consumer’s right Car needs gas, and the Car needs maintenance as well as service life. So although the Car transport people, but as time goes on, he Is getting devalued. So how to make their Car maintenance of better and longer use it? Some tips to bring you a look at the following small series vehicle maintenance

oil replacement.

in fact, the so-called oil engine oil. If classified by category, it can be divided into three categories: mineral oil, semi-synthetic and full synthetic oil. The so-called mineral oil that Is produced along with oil in the oil extraction accessories, the price Is relatively low. Semi-synthetic formulation Is added to prevent oxidation of the partially synthetic lubricants and partially on the basIs of mineral oil, synthetic oil and the whole Is extracted are all artificial, synthetic lubricating oils. Any oil Will have decay, mineral oil three months to start oxidation decay, even if your Car Is parked in the garage and did not open, after three months also need to enchant oil, and semi-synthetic oil Is six months, the whole synthetic oil Is about 9 months to 12 months. ThIs oil Is a use “shelf life.” But we often say that the oil change thousands of kilometers to say, in accordance with the number of kilometers traveling to judge.

In other oil

Common mineral oil Is typically 5,000 km with the need to replace the oil, semi-synthetic oil change needs to 7,000 km, and expensive full synthetic oil Is 10,000 kilometers only need to change once oil. Why abroad, particularly in Germany, it has suggested that 10 005 one thousand kilometers of oil it only once? Since 9 abroad, particularly in Germany, fewer vehicles on the road, and the German motorway speed Is not limited, so people rarely traffic jams, mostly at high speeds. Therefore, the consumption of oil Is relatively small. Because I had the basic national conditions, many traffic lights, stop and lIsten to the way a lot of oil consumption Will increase. So the oil in our country can not be like foreign oil with the same period of time so long.

Shell Oil

Therefore, in our country, ordinary mineral oil encountered (Daily traffic jams, high temperature, wind and other weather, it Is recommended to change a 4000 km oil) semi-synthetic oil 7500 kilometers (daily traffic jam or sand or hot or cold areas 6000 km) full synthetic oil 10,000 km (daily traffic jam or sand or high or low temperature region 8000 km). And lubricants brands in the world very much, but I do not recommend U.S.-made Cars, especially high-end Cars use domestic oil, domestic oil such as the Great Wall and other brands, with the majority in the truck or trailer.

Mobil Oil

sedans best to use special lubricants, e.g. public special lubricants. High-end Car or want to take good Care of the Car, then recommend the use of international brands such as the United States Mobil, Shell Netherlands.

air filter cleaning

the air filter Is on the nose of the Car, can filter Some of the dust out of the air and impurities. Without the presence of air filter, dust in the air, particles, and other impurities into the combustion tank of the engine. Ranging from the combustion cylinder accelerated aging, while blew up, and even a fire explosion.

air filter

so that the air filter cleaning and replacement Is also very important. Usually come up in the clean up to 10,000 kilometers, about 20,000 km need to be replaced once.

Xiaobian Summary

Now the Car Is essential for every household items for vehicle maintenance can must not be Careless, be sure to understand the Car, always check the Car, when maintenance needs timely maintenance, so as to eliminate potential safety problems of the Car, to bring you a comfortable driving experience!