Car maintenance tips, 4S shop do not have to teach you tips! We know that these can save a lot of money!

Car really convenient for people’s lives, but also to many Car owners do not understand that Car beauty and maintenance Is very troublesome, it Is not true, although the Car beauty and maintenance takes time, if the owners find the right method selected of the project can do a lazy owner, also allows the Car to maintain beautiful and good performance.

Step: soap leather seat

fear of dermal corrosion cleaning chemicals, to the Automotive beauty shop to do the cleaning, the use of foam type of detergent, dried and hardened leather and have small cracks. But not the same soap, the soap Is not corrosive, in addition to clothes, you can also wash the vehicle seat, without damaging the leather products, not only decontamination effect Is very good, and after drying the leather soft and shiny. When the owner Is first seat cleaning with a clean soft towel soaked in warm water, soap evenly hit on the towel, and then gently wipe the seat (folds may repeatedly wipe). Cawan ventilated dry, wet with clean towel to several times.

Step two: essential balm to the domestic Automobile rubber tracks to be legally on the road, it must be labeled with various logos on the front windshield, and replace if examined; and now there are many owners like to put a little sticker personality in the body surface. But we all know, when you want to clear these stickers, the residues are difficult to remove. ThIs Is due to the larger self-adhesive tack, and that in itself can be waterproof and high temperature. In fact, we may be affixed to the top coat stickers advantage spirits (the amount a little more Is better), wait a few moments after with a dry cloth, stickers Will fall off, and leaving no trace.

The third step: facing east parking can alleviate frost

at night to ensure that parking Will park your Car to the east-facing orientation. When you are ready Car in the morning, the sun has to help you get rid of most of the frost on the windshield, so you do not spend too much time and fuel defrost

the fourth step: talc

Automotive door seals wet in the rain and paint adhesion, with open ring true “squeak!” voice. AvailableA talc (child lip may be used) applied on the rubber door weather strip, the symptoms can dIsappear, openable and closable. ThIs method Is suitable for the home refrigerator, freezer door seal abnormal sound.

Step Five: toothpaste to remove scratches

In addition to brushing teeth whitening toothpaste, but also remove the Car plan marks, to Automotive beauty! Why? In fact, Is the use of toothpaste abrasive ingredients, the paint scratched polIshed, so the Car as a new unit, may sound a little big, the actual operation Is very simple: the scratches rinse with water, and then a clean towel dip a small amount of toothpaste gently rub back and forth in the scratched area, until scratches dIsappear or diminIsh after wipes wipe on the line.

Sixth Step: Glass anti-fogging detergent

often drive their owners to know, in summer and winter driving, it Is relatively easy to fog glass. ThIs time, we can follow the detergent: 9 dilution ratio, and then a bottle of a simple anti-fogging agent on DIY good, with a stick with a dry cloth wiping detergent Is diluted with some Automotive glass: water = 1 and then another piece of clean cloth on the line!

Step Seven: cleaner Cars save fuel

Clear unnecessary supplies Car can save fuel. According to the Royal Automobile Club (RAC), said Car for each additional 50 kg of weight, fuel consumption Will increase by 2%. When not in the top Car and luggage racks not only increases the weight of the vehicle also increases the drag coefficient of the vehicle, thereby increasing the unnecessary fuel consumption.

Do not overload, do not all of a sudden long-dIstance run too far. So Will increase the load on the engine, let it wear increased, tire pressure and shock Will be great. In addition, after mentioning a new Car, do not forget to check the air pressure, the pressure of new Cars are generally not allowed, not too high, too low, maintaining a correct tire pressure Is also necessary