Car maintenance tips

1. Oil

In fact, that oil Is popular lubricants, Car lubricants to be used in many places, such as engine, transmIssion, steering brakes

in other ships we say up oil Is engine oil, engine oil can generally be divided into three categories, conventional oils (known as mineral oil), semi-synthetic oil and synthetic oil.

oil change interval Is usually according to project how many vehicles, generally do not drive for a long time, about three months need to change, open less then six month or so want to change, if open more frequently, then it would follow several kilometers to do maintenance, generally in the 6500 ~ 7000KM replacement of oil, thIs Is the number of miles of semi-synthetic motor oil, fully synthetic, then you can go to about 10,000.

2. the air filter

Automotive air filter Is the first hurdle to pass air into the engine, the air Is filtered through filter paper barrier effect. When the dust filter surface pores blocked, it Will cause clogging, which directly affect the motor vehicle engine.

was filtered off and the outside air in direct contact, so that the situation Will be clogged, the engine idle speed instability occur and so on.

In general, each time the Car maintenance to be filtered out to come and collect the air blown clean air guns, 20000KM replaced every time.

3. paint

Car paint maintenance of common sense Is actually very complex. Although the paint looks smooth, but the surface of small concave holes and, after polIshing and waxing can go when the Car wash Car wash, but the two sealing glaze or coating to the premIseDo, because there Is always waxing or polIshing, tantamount to consume the thickness of the paint, the paint gradually thinning, dull, small scratches.

Car paint maintenance routine, there are many that need attention.

First, to avoid paint wiped dry cloth or duster directly, after washed with water to remove dust dirt Car surface, wiped with a clean absorbent cloth, avoid self-flushing air drying .

Second, the parking should be taken to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, especially white and non-metallic paint.

Third, reduce the number of Car wash, Car wax polIshing try not to do.

Fourth, note that the droppings and other corrosive things promptly removed.

4. tire

for tire maintenance Is also very important key, check the tires before every drive if there are cracks, tire pressure Is normal.