Car maintenance, these places are not necessary, do not hang out in the 4S shop

Now people are have a certain economic base, even in a very popular family Car for as long as necessary, we Will choose to buy one, thIs thing Is not surprIsing in today’s thing a.

But you know what? HIs Car in the 4S shop maintenance time, some places are not necessary, because they can get at home, there Is no need maintenance in the 4S shop, then take a look at a few places where it Is, we prevent the next 4S shop maintenance time to get slaughtered.

First, the depth of the maintenance of the engine, such a thing in the 4S shop Is most likely to occur, for which we must pay attention to, when you encounter such things, not to do thIs, just let them replace the engine oil and filter on the line, no need to do a lot of deep maintenance.

Second, Is the air sterilization, a lot of 4S shop Will tell you that Will not clean up the air conditioning for a long time, then it Will harm themselves and big, inside an invIsible bacteria, the purpose Is to let you clean air, thIs Is the case, you fools, so you can own to the air-conditioned place to put freshener at home, so we must be Careful of such things.

Third, the maintenance of tires, such Is not necessary, because the tire maintenance 4S shop Is clean after brushing mIssed waxing, for thIs It must not do so, or Is Waste of money.

These are the small series feel no need to do maintenance items in the 4S shop, welcome to leave a message for advice.

article by Yang brother said original Car ah, welcome attention, take you long knowledge together.