Car maintenance, these parts are not equal change Waste of money!

With economic development, vehicle maintenance has become a particularly common word, because as long as the family would buy a Car maintenance, the following are particularly important for small series of vehicle maintenance say the four aspect, or the equivalent of a white maintenance.

The following Is the first Car brake wheel cylinders to say, it Is very easily overlooked a part, and thIs part Is used when needed and in substance dirt or water from direct contact, so the probability of problems Will be great, like a Car’s braking effect becomes poor. If the Car appeared in the case the wheels from locking, and it may be that it has failed, so everyone in to the Car to do maintenance when we must remember the inspection and maintenance of thIs place, if there Is a problem in thIs place appears, then the Car’s fuel consumption It Will be affected, so we must remember to maintain it, oh.

The second Xiao Bian want to say Is particularly critical parts of the constant velocity joint, and I believe that there are Car people have to know thIs study Is probably the key to hIs it Is a particularly important part of powerful, equivalent to the human mind. In order to prevent because it Is in, there are a number of volatile gasoline dust, then mIssed the like, in fact, many people Will ignore thIs part, because it feels like a constant velocity joint Is common, then there Is no value thing, thIs Is not so, if you ignore it for a long time without replacing it, you Will find your Car a special Card, just like your computer screen freezes up Card. If such a thing happens to your Car, then you must go to check hIs constant velocity joints.

The third thing Is particularly critical brake fluid. Car maintenance when the brake fluid how to replace thIs thing, or Why you want to replace it? Simple, small series Cars because it Is too long, then the temperature Will rIse, motor oil Will evaporate or deformation, if you do not replace it, you Will find the Car slowly it seems useless so flexible.

The last part Is a particularly critical spark plug, the spark plug firing plate via the repeated continuous power generation, the gas mixture Is ignited cylinders

At thIs time, other parts of the ignition system high-voltage pulse generating timing, and generates a spark an explosion engine power output to provide the energy required.

Is a spark plug constructed in an elongated metal plate through the ceramic material having an insulating function Is made around the lower portion of the insulator material has a metallic shell, in a manner thread screwed in the cylinder cover, in thIs case in the bottom metal electrode and a weld applied Automobile body a ground effect. Further, at the end of thIs center electrode, and then must be separated by a small dIscharge gap open.

Next, the high voltage from the dIstributor of thIs current Will flow through the conductive center electrode, and then dIscharged at the bottom end of the dIscharge gap, then the spark plug to perform their functions spark combustion mixed gas, energy and the engine output power Is obtained.

Thus, the spark plug of gasoline and air mixture into the engine combustion device to be ignited, work under harsh conditions in high temperature and pressure, a gasoline engine Is wearing parts one, it plays in the operation of the engine in a very important role, and fuel-efficient Car or not, whether the smooth, have a great relationship.

I hope that we can check the timely look at these four sites, to avoid accidents.