Car maintenance, these four points do not ignore

warm spring breeze, light and sun, all reveal that for coming spring. Qingming small holiday coming soon, followed by May Day, the Dragon Boat Festival, you are ready to open the Car, go to a spring date yet?

We must first of its profits. Want to travel without security problems, usually necessary to do maintenance work Car, which points in particular can not be ignored.

to replace the filter

want to change the filter Cartridge are three: oil filter, air filter and the fuel filter three kind of filter, which Is on every Car Will be equipped with some.

The oil filter 01

Its role Is to filter debrIs in the oil, gum, and water, clean transport each lubrication oil. It can not only reduce the frictional resIstance between the relatively moving parts in the engine, reducing wear and tear of parts, but also to allow oil Is continuously supplied to the friction surfaces of the moving parts, the lubricant film formation, lubrication.

recommend everyone around 5000-7500 km replace, if afraid that they forget that the best way Is to replace and oil together.

02 cabin air filters

cabin air filters are using for a long time need to be replaced by filtering, can improve the cleanliness of the air inside the vehicle, such as some small particles, pollen, bacteria, dust, and industrial emIssions. Not a long time to change, it Will destroy the air conditioning system of impurities, but also affect health, making the cooling and heating effect of the air conditioning system Will weaken, replacement Is recommended at least once a year.

Fuel Filter 03

Function and the oil filter and the effect of Similarly, it Is to filter out the impurities, except that the fuel filter Is connected in series in the pipeline between the throttle body and the fuel pump inlet.

intended to work gasolineIron oxide, dust and other solid matter produced Is removed to prevent nozzle clogging, and reduce mechanical wear, guarantee stable operation of the engine. But also can ensure fuel system precIsion components and impurities Will not be affected by wear and tear, we recommend replaced every 20,000 km.

oil change

depending on the model and the performance of each vehicle’s oil change intervals are not the same, the average Car Will clear instructions recommend labeling the Car replacement cycle, you can also refer to the increase of oil grade to be replaced.

In general, conventional oils three months or 5000 km replacement, semi-synthetic oil can replace half a year or 7500-10000 km, fully synthetic motor oil a year can change or 10000- 15,000 km replacement. In addition, reference may also be the usual way according to your Car, if your daily travel long dIstances less, it Is time to replace the reference, if you are often long dIstances, it Is best to replace the reference to several kilometers.

tire changer

tires as Automobiles and ground only contact surface, so to maintain the tire’s “health” Is we guarantee driving safety. Normally tire life Is generally three years or 80,000 kilometers, more than thIs number of years, the tire Will begin to age, the presence of rIsk factors such as a flat tire, over thIs time or the number of kilometers on the proposal we have to be replaced. Or swap four tires of the location, so as not to wear the same position for a long time.

In addition to formaldehyde, purify the air inside the

on the topic of today’s Automotive interior air quality problems common Nearly nine Car air formaldehyde serious pollution. People in the Car in time after time indoors, long-term stay in the space of formaldehyde pollution, make us feel dizziness, fatigue, impaired driving, and endanger human health.

safe driving, not only in hardware on the Car itself, but also include human occupants breathing world, only a healthy living environment, we were able to let people safely enjoy the pleasure of driving.