Car maintenance the right way, you get to it? ThIs four errors can not be avoided even old driver

The correct way

Car maintenance, you get to it? ThIs four errors even old driver can not avoid

all the Car a hand, estimates are contemplating how to Car maintenance, after all, good maintenance way to extend the useful life possible you can also ensure the safety of the driver when driving. But you feel you do maintenance methods advIsable? If using the wrong maintenance methods, it Is likely to cause serious damage to the Car. Even worse, Will give their driving safety officer to bring some rIsks. Following small to take you look at these phenomena maintenance errors.

1, Han soldiers, the better type

the main thing Is for the various oils or liquid vehicles or the like. Many owners like thIs, not some time in the Car or vehicle to take a long time in the Car and they Will be able to fill up all the places where the Car Will fill up, but thIs would be extremely undesirable. Such as oil, you just need to follow the provIsions on the leaflet to add to it, as well as a glass of water, antifreeze and a variety of liquid, only need to reach a certain scale line on the line, do not need to fill in.

2. Mixed using coolant

thIs approach Is estimated that many of the drivers have all done, or Is for the convenience of directly added to the lIst, or just to account for a little cheap, the others do not run out of coolant directly added to the on hIs Car. ThIs Is indeed a very convenient, but the Car Is indeed a very big damage. Different components of the cooling liquid Is different, then, when they are two, when mixed, might be some bad phenomenon, it Is easy to damage the Car’s speed to accelerate.

3, regularly waxing

As we all know, waxing be Car maintenance Is the most common way, waxing can be well protected Car paint. But the premIse Is the occasional waxing, do not frequent. If regular waxing, wax then the basic substance Is present in the color of the Car color, to the contrary that may be time. Especially for a new Car, there Is no need for frequent waxing, before at least three months Is not required.

4, the high frequency of maintenance

thIs case are basically appear in some of the more Car owners who started the maintenance of security in less than the first time or the number of kilometers, the first time in insured vehicle maintenance manual there are instructions above. Usually ends up in Paul’s time Is 3 months or 5,000 km traveling a few kilometers, too frequent maintenance Is really no use. The normal time to maintain, Is the largest Car maintenance, but also saved a substantial amount of maintenance costs, Why not do it?

ThIs Is the maintenance MIstakes Xiaobian know even some older drivers are guilty of, you thIs What do you think? Leave a comment below the comment section.