Car maintenance several times a year Is better?


maintenance period normally see you for what oil?

Usually a mineral oil can be changed every 5,000 km, synthetic oil can be extended to 7,500 km, synthetic oil can be replaced about 10,000 km. From the time of speaking, half are traveling less than 5,000 km by Car, six months after oil changes should also be considered.

If you are using ordinary oil, it should always check the quality of the oil, oil lubrication Will be not good for vehicle damage.

When oil half a year, or once a month to check out of the bus before, points out the oil from the oil dipstick to see if the oil level and oil quality, feeling better to continue to use, poor quality of the soon to be replaced, so the extent of damage to the Car Will be reduced some.


had just finIshed washing the throttle, idling still a little shaky, do not affect the long dIstances?

had no effect, but you must first determine the cause of cleaning throttle idle instability, if it Is idle other causes of instability Will timely maintenance, such as oil supply pump aging or cause unstable idling relief valve problem Will be replaced repairs, or likely to cause the vehicle to stall when traveling.


the place where the cover does not know which Is the front before adding antifreeze?

in theory, antifreeze pot, open the lid to see the biggest reservoir, there Will be tips and information icons on the direction of the lid.


Under what circumstances tire to be replaced?

tire usage time by many external factors, such as weather, road conditions, driving habits, maintenance status, etc., in a good CarUnder conditions, good driving habits, good road (the road Is not very rough, not many detours) conditions, the general tire can be used in 3 to 5 years.


Car wheel deformation Will happen?

hub deformation may have two circumstances: first, lead screw loose tire hub dIscontinuity; second, mIssing tire air pressure to the hub directly to a hard object by the force causing deformation. Recommendations hub deformation serious, then go to the store to do the replacement.