Car maintenance several sizes of common sense, and newcomers know how much?

the size of a few Car maintenance of common sense, and newcomers know how much?

As we all know, with the major Car manufacturers to constant innovation of its products, the demand for Cars Is also rIsing, you know in thIs rapid development of the Automobile , Car accidents for many reasons caused by improper maintenance Is also rIsing, then I and you talk about Car maintenance tips now!

Moreover, after the Car in use for some time, the engine compartment Is generally dusty, many owners are wayward never mind, truly out of sight out of mind. But I do not know for a long time does not clean up the dust Will affect the normal cooling of the engine, the heat Will cause serious adverse seal leakage. That someone asked, I do not clean up the repair shop, I can clean it yourself, for example with their own faucet spray, sea Amoy Jun remind you riders, “the engine compartment Is absolutely not washed.” So the old real honest repair shop have to go looking for professionals with a professional tool bar.

but also to regular waxing the Car. In order to be able to make their Car look more beautiful, many owners are more like to body waxing, considered both to be effective protection of the paint, but also to make the body more light. And here small to say Is, if often to body waxing, it Will cause great damage to the Car, the main reason Is that the wax which contains the corresponding alkaline substance, Will make use of the Car looks long become black, it can be said, it could have been waxing in order to better protect the Car, but the end result Is just the opposite.

Indeed, replace the fuel filter, air filter, oil filter and oil are the most common maintenance items, fuel filter, and the air cleaner and oil filter called three filters, their role Is to filter gasoline, oil and impurities in the air, to prevent impurities from entering the interior of the engine wherein, resulting in abnormal wear of the engine or working abnormal phenomenon. For power steering oil filling or replacement, you must use the correct power steering oil, power steering if used improperly, can cause damage to the machine direction. Oil filter and replace the three ultimate goal Is to better protect the engine, as far as possible to extend the life of the engine.

In short, regular cleaning crankcase of the engine during operation, high-pressure combustion chamber unburned gases, sulfur and nitrogen oxides through the pIston ring and the cylinder wall into the gap between the crankcase, with the metal powder produced by wear of components mixed together to form a sludge. When a small amount of suspended oil precipitated from the oil amount Is greater, clogging of filters and oil holes, causing the engine lubrication difficulties, caused by wear.