Car maintenance schedule to share, remember these time points were not afraid of the pit!

[master Car: Car maintenance] Many owners have always been tangled in the maintenance, obviously not to the number of kilometers, 4S shop Will remind you to do maintenance, not only shorten the maintenance intervals, but also a waste some unnecessary time. Today to find out conventional Car maintenance schedule .

for the first time maintenance

a different Car, a few kilometers the first insurance Is not the same. Generally speaking, all 10,000 kilometers or 5000 km maintenance time, a number of domestic brands in the maintenance cycle 7500 km. On time, it recommends more than six months or a year can be considered maintenance of the.

Is the maintenance of the oil Will do the project, fully synthetic oil or synthetic oil esterification better, usually about 10,000 km maintenance time. Semi-synthetic and mineral oils are generally 5,000 km maintenance. General brand models are recommended semi-synthetic oil. If you want a strong dynamic performance, the use of fully synthetic oil Is also possible.

Cars four filter maintenance in general we are three filters, oil filters, be replaced together at the oil change; air filter replacement cycle 1 Wan or about half a year, usually family Cars 5 one thousand kilometers Is no need to change; air filter, properly speaking generally replaced every 20,000 km. Suggest a season for once, because the filter Will filter impurities seasonal changes, it Is easy to produce odor and mildew; the last one Is a fuel filter, fuel filter Is most engines are dIsposable non-washable coat type paper filter, the filter effect Is the gasoline to the fuel tank between the engine combustion chamber. The maintenance cycle Is longer, generally 30,000 km maintenance replaced.

In the washing and waxing, it recommended 3-4 weeks wash, alkaline cleaner can not be used when washing, it Will corrode the paint, but worth the candle . Car waxing, too, generally about four months Is appropriate, frequent waxing Will make the paint dry, fine lines.

Master Summary: similar to brake fluid, spark plugs, transmIssion oil, in accordance with the usual vehiclesOr situation to be Carried out in accordance with the maintenance manual, because these parts replacement cycle Is longer, the price Is relatively expensive. ThIs article comes from a Car guru’s official website, more Car shopping guide, evaluation, maintenance, Car knowledge, please vIsit Car related master channel.

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