Car maintenance routines deep, consumer traps one by one, the major car caution

Although the Car Is consumable, but we can not buy a Car with only a year or two, do not, so the major Automobile manufacturers in recent years has shifted from pre-sales to after-sales Care for consumers. After the Car to sell natural follow-up work to do to stimulate consumption, but also allows owners to feel good service quality and attitude of manufacturers by these means, in order to attract more customers.

The idea Is good but the practice Is very chilling, after-sales service are owners have complained of thing, no matter what brand of Car poor service quality, always necessary to replace parts, and maintenance costs thief expensive. These are the hardest hit consumers Tucao, service really Is not ye.

so consumers after buying the Car, would habitually go to familiar places and vehicle repair and maintenance, are not going to replace the dealership repair . But Xiao Bian here to remind everyone that some vehicle maintenance shops and repair shops, Car for their workers actually do not understand, Is not up to the level of construction, and the replacement of parts may also have quality problems.

places like these Will help owners deliberately shorten the maintenance cycle, I believe those Car owners have encountered thIs situation, no maintenance over half a year after the Car had finIshed the maintenance staff to contact the Car owners, notified via SMS, phone calls and other means. Incidentally give owners a series of literacy, people immediately think of the vehicle must be maintained, otherwIse the would be less open for several years.

Every time I go there are people who Care when the owner again recommend some unnecessary insurance program, we would just want to replace what oil filters, plus a way how much oil can not be used. However, when the maintenance staff but Will tell the owner that the vehicle was found by checking the Car problems, and needs immediate replacement. Most people would refuse, but the staff there are a lot of routine, waiting together, then surgery brainwashing down, so that owners realize how serious Car problems, but also to spend more money.