Car maintenance routines and more, knew early look

I am sure you have thIs kind of confusion owners of a friend, with great difficulty to buy a Car, just the Falls, a series of conservation Issues attendant Will be followed, for Car maintenance of these pits you know ?

Many of my friends finIshed after 4s shop to mention the Car Will follow-up maintenance problems to consult their vehicle, because they are professional, so most owners Will obediently follow suit, but because in thIs way, you are a step by step into their trap.

Maintenance tire

for the Car, the most important thing Is the wheels, to adapt to the road surface heating and temperature and humidity changes; so when you go to the maintenance of the Car they would recommend you do tire maintenance, in fact, Is to fight a layer of wax after washing your tires, thIs simple task, you can do yourself at home.

wheel alignment should or should not do

For many owners of professional terminology or lack of insight, four-wheel positioning it sounds very big, so once the staff requirements, many friends Will immediately agreed to do, but in reality not. The so-called wheel alignment parameters of the wheel Is corrected so that the vehicle can be straight running stability and steering of light, to reduce tire wear and diverter. For ordinary tire replacement, dIsassembly, replacement of the wheel Is not required for positioning.

brake pad replacement

a number of maintenance staff Will tell you brake pad wear let you early replacement, In practice there remains a most brakes. For the brake pads Is about 50,000 km replacement go too late.

Maintenance of the engine

Is actually a cleaner engine, thIs operation Is very simple, the cleaning agent Is added to the lIst of the engine idle speed 10 minutes it Is not necessary to spend hundreds of dollars to clean waste money.

oil replacement

often hear many of my friends would say Car 5000 kmTo oil changes and maintenance, and 4s shop staff Will tell you, what thIs argument about the accuracy of it?

For the first models, European and American vehicles for the 7500 km for once, both domestic and Japanese vehicles 5000 km for once. Secondly, mineral oil change intervals of 5,000 km, 7,500 km of semi-synthetic, fully synthetic oil Is 10,000 km. Therefore, owners should be replaced according to the actual situation, do not parrot.

These are the small series lIsted routine maintenance, you remember it?