Car maintenance projects have to do it? Repairman: In fact, do these just fine, other waste of money

Car maintenance projects have to do it? Repairman: In fact, do these just fine, other waste of money

Today, many people went into the Car owners, but also pay attention to buy back the Car properly maintained, can guarantee it’s normal use. Although many people do not understand the Car, but also know the importance of maintenance, but maintenance of the Car Is a lot of stress, not as long as it Is good for maintenance, some maintenance projects greater damage caused by vehicles, if I do not know how thIs knowledge would be counterproductive, take a look at what Is not necessary to do maintenance.

we drive every day are often different roads, there Will be a lot of gravel on the road there, the tires after some time Will be stuck in the gravel on top of the general the owners would not choose to go clean up, so the 4S shop on the launch of tire maintenance, in fact, Is to wash the tires, and then give the tires make a wax, in fact, thIs Is completely unnecessary, a waste of money does not need to do thIs maintenance, importantly, it Will damage the tires. When maintenance, gravel tire on the 4S shop Will clean out, if they are not cleaned up, maybe even the piece of skin to be removed, which would affect the life of the tire.

winter and summer, when air-conditioning Is the most used, even if it Is usually not in use, Will be easy to get into some of the dust, so 4S stores have also launched a clean-up of air conditioning project. A lot of people do not know specifically how their maintenance, anyway, after that maintenance Is very clean, and my heart Will naturally want to spend the money, in fact, they are just simple cleaning, maintenance Is a simple process, and he can do, as long as finIshed cleaning the filter and then another on the line, and the filter Is cheap, but in the maintenance costs Will be many many times, as their own clean up.

Cars in use for a long time, we Will find a lot of fuel costs increase, so 4S stores Will recommend you to add agents in fuel oil Gary, in fact, it we often say that fuel treasure, the real treasure of the fuel can indeed play a role, play a part in the cleaning effect, to help gasoline burn better, but now a lot of fakes, it Is best not easy to add, if not genuine, it Will lead to engine damage, but it takesMore money to repair, it Is not worth.

vehicle maintenance Is important, but if proper maintenance, it Will naturally play a very good effect on the Car Is also good, but more these maintenance completely unnecessary to do, it Is important that they Will bring damage to the Car, so that their loss becomes more important, so we must be Careful during maintenance, do not blindly lIsten to others to sell, but finally hurt their Car.