Car maintenance projects are worth the money do? 4S shop: how to expose these secrets we profit?

Car maintenance items are worth the money do? 4S shop: how to expose these secrets we profit?

just bought a new Car home most of the relatively good Care, not even heavy throttle for fear of damage to the Car. Many businesses Will take advantage of thIs psychological Care for the new owner, the introduction of many Car maintenance projects, many of which are superfluous, although these practices do not harm the Car, but the 4S shop can therefore reap huge profits.

of a project fuel additives, sometimes we go to the 4S shop had only small parts need to be replaced, but was selling fuel additives, such additives are completely unnecessary and maintenance tied together, if the owner can buy their own needs. Little practical effect of such additives, since the amount of the additive Will not be great, and great adhesion gum ingredients and the vIscosity, thIs liquid flowing alone completely no effect.

The second project engine depth maintenance, engine depth conservation in general Is to the engine by adding a certain amount of engine cleaner and then let the Car idle for about 10 minutes, the entire maintenance process Is very simple, generally have to charge 300 dollars in cost flattered engine Is bound to produce some metal shavings or debrIs during operation, which Will Automatically filter waste with steam cycle, it only needs to be replaced oil filter, can be absolutely no need to do depth engine maintenance.

The third project of tire maintenance, tire maintenance Is so-called tire brush clean abortion wax and wax played most of the time do not know Is good or bad , so for the so-called tire maintenance prudently, do not waste money in hIs pocket to do some useless things. Observe some cases of tires, reduce irregular wear can be.

of the four air conditioning maintenance projects, we know if the air conditioning Is not used for a long time, need to be cleaned or sterilized before re-use Is to replace the air filter, otherwIse, air conditioning inside the dust can damage a person’s respiratory system, then there Is often the clerk told us about the Car air-conditioning sterilization activity, thIs activity Is actually to air conditioning dIsinfectant sprays, thIs step can be completed owners themselves, NoNecessary to 4s shops to do, and they use some of their better quality other than buying agents, the specified number of kilometers in accordance with the maintenance manual provides for a re-air filter can, often do not need to replace the air conditioning filter or do the cleaning.

In fact, many Car 4s shop Automotive maintenance projects Will exchange some of the high returns with low cost, suggest that you do the maintenance before the first look at Baidu and the role of price, selection necessary to do, in addition to the 1st Car maintenance are free not to go white, 1st 4s shop maintenance money, that thIs Is not too 4s shop conscience. What you unnecessary maintenance also know? Welcome to the comments below comment.