Car maintenance project which normally takes how often do?

a Car maintenance project involves a lot of talk about the most simple and basic maintenance of it;

1, Depending on the application, every six months or every five thousand kilometers with, a replacement of oil and oil filter;

2, every six months to replace the air filter and air filter

3. The wear each wiper replaced every two years

4, the brake fluid every three years

5, once every four years to replace the antifreeze

6. the wear, once every 30,000 km replacement brake pads, or on the ground to change the lower limit, the brakes to Mizobe turning timely leveling;

7, oil booster replaced every five years,

8, every two years alternator belt (lIstening squeaky put together to replace the tensioner and idler), once every three or thirty thousand kilometers replace the timing belt;

9 , five thousand kilometers every 10,000 wash port throttle, cylinder coke, catalytic converters, all clean a

10, see usage, see ignition gap, a spark plug replacement every five or six million kilometers, check ignition coil Is working properly.

the final: there are a lot lots to, in short, Is over sixty thousand kilometers after each component have to do maintenance and inspection of the detailed securing;