Car maintenance project which Is a must

For many people, buying a Car be a big thing, and difficult to buy a Car, keep a Car more difficult. It Is estimated that there Is one thing a lot of people are very tactile, and Car maintenance Is very crucial point. Because in addition to giving the Car the appearance and comfort, maintenance Is a prerequIsite for the above-mentioned problems. Then the face of 4S shop or Auto repair shop to a large number of maintenance, vehicle owners do not know how friends’ homes to take, “because a lot of maintenance Is not as early as maintenance, can delay future, let’s look at some basic Car maintenance project and which Is essential to the maintenance.

1, oil

oil must be replaced, no doubt. Because oil Is known as an engine of “blood”, the vehicle Is a major concern and fatal engine, so the engine if there Is any thing, it Will seriously affect the use of the vehicle. The main vehicle engine oil lubrication, shock absorption cushioning, cooling and reduce engine wear and tear, etc. effect, so the effect of the above-mentioned points, there Is a problem Is very serious.

passing mention that Is a problem many owners friends often concerned about their vehicles fit fully synthetic motor oil or semi-synthetic oil. Fully synthetic and semi-synthetic motor oil of choice, according to their own Car habit, for example, often take the bad road or not often drive, add a full synthetic oil. If you often drive but the road better, you can add semi-synthetic, of course, Is not absolute, if maintenance diligent, then you can add semi-synthetic, and synthetic oil replacement cycle Is longer, and the performance Is compared Is relatively good, with the owners Will. Mineral oil Is not recommended!

Xiao Bian personal experiences, small Cars just finIshed maintenance, Is not timely replacement of oil, which led to the maintenance of time oil are almost boiled away, if dry out the pull-cylinder engine may tears, so timely vehicle maintenance does not do anything, the oil must be replaced, but also to be maintained in accordance with the stipulated time.

2, oil filters

to replace the oil filter Is also necessary, many owners friends may find the in maintenance, when to change the oil in particular,Underbody replace a circular object, it Is the machine filter. The oil filter Is used to filter oil, dust in the oil, Carbon deposits, metal particles and other impurities was filtered off, protect the engine, it Is necessary to replace one, it Is also very important.

3, fuel filter

fuel filter Will not be changed frequently, and of course, the replacement cycle Is different according to the specification of the vehicle Lord, because different Car mileage or time to replace the oil filter Is different. Of course, you can achieve mileage or time in the specification can advance or delay, the vehicle Is usually no problem. The fuel filter Is mainly used to clean the inside of the engine (including lubricating oil system and the combustion chamber) to prevent scuffing or abrasion dust and the like on the engine.

4, the air filter

If the three small maintenance Many owners have no way only to the 4S shop or garage, air conditioning filter can replace themselves, just the first time in the maintenance of attention to points, thIs Is not difficult to replace. Owners of a friend in line to buy a do it yourself, you could save a little manual fee. Of course, online buy time for doing the maintenance staff to help replace what Is possible. In particular odor in the vehicle, if it Is coming from the air inlet taste, the proposed change in time.

5, antifreeze

For most owners concerned antifreeze, or may drive the vehicle to replace scrapped vehicles have less than replacement, but we can not rule out special circumstances, or to observe. Because antifreeze whether it Is less than the minimum or greater than the maximum wire line has a problem, it Is usual to observe, the main function of winter frost, summer, anti-boil, scale and corrosion.

6, the brake fluid

opening the hood, to find a circle on the frame, i.e., add brake oil. Since the water absorption characterIstics of the brake oil in use for some time, the oil and water separation, different boiling points, reduce performance, braking effect Is affected. The proposed replacement of a brake fluid every 40,000 km. Of course, depending on the condition of each vehicle, may correspondShorten the replacement cycle.

7, power steering oil

The steering assIst oil Automobile steering Is power-assIsted steering oil pump liquid used. By hydraulic action, we can easily turn the steering wheel. Similar to the Automatic transmIssion oil, brake fluid and damping fluid. It Is recommended to replace during major maintenance.

8, fuel filter

of the vehicle in accordance with the specification of fuel filter replacement mileage, if dIsposable more maintenance projects, delays can be replaced, in fact, a lot of 4S shop or Auto repair shop to replace the fuel filter mileage are more conservative, but the replacement was not far down to take a closer look. There Is no need to replace their request, to be honest the quality of gasoline now, though not ye, but not so bad, especially heightened standard Car oil, the more little impurities.

9, spark plug

the role of spark plug goes without saying that if there Is no spark plug like a Car into a vegetative state a reason. Once the work for a long time, the engine Will run unevenly, the Car Will be shaken. In severe cases, the deformation of the cylinder, the engine Will be more fuel-efficient. Therefore, the role of the spark plug Is very important. In almost 60,000 kilometers around can replace the spark plug if the spark plugs are always broken, the proposed advance Will sell the Car, not fantasies.

10, transmIssion oil

do not worry transmIssion oil Is replaced, as Automatic vehicle can be replaced at 80,000 km, while the manual transmIssion vehicle can be considered when about 120,000 km replacement. TransmIssion oil primarily to ensure proper operation of the gearbox and can extend the life of the gearbox. After replacing the transmIssion oil, the shift feel smooth to prevent the transmIssion of vibration, noIse and abnormal gear jump. If the shift or abnormal vibration, jumping stalls, etc., timely check the gearbox oil.

11, brake pads

to replace the brake pads no uniform concept, especially for those who like stepping on the brake brakes Car or frequent use of the owners of a friend, we should always observe the brakes. Especially in the braking or brake feel when the brakes not to force the Issue must be observed in brake pads, brake for a vehicle, do not tell you Is the importance of Carefully say.

12, battery

battery replacement cycle Is approximately 40,000 kilometers. If you do not drive for a long time, when you feel powerless again to start the vehicle, the battery may be bad. Recommended after the vehicle Is closed, do not open the headlights long time or place music or play a DVD in the Car. ThIs Will run out of battery power. When you want to fire, you Will find that there Is not enough power to ignite. ThIs Is very embarrassing.

13, tire replacement

Many owners of small series like Friends, have I do not know when to replace tires in the end. In fact, tire replacement There are several common demand: Replace reduce the tire noIse, wear and tear replacement, replacement demand and so, of course, in addition to replacement of wear and tear, and the rest are in accordance with the owner’s personal circumstances, there Is no bad. So we focus here Is to replace worn, there Is a saying that the vehicle reaches more than 6 years or 60,000 km on the proposed replacement, but not often open the tires or no tires wear, do not worry recommended replacement tires life Is not false, but not so “fragile”, so there Is no problem to postpone replacement.

Therefore, vehicle maintenance Is more common in a number of projects, from 1-13 Is classified according to the degree of importance of maintenance, in front of a few Is more important. Such as gasoline, filter, air filter, etc., may be used in accordance with the rest of the vehicle as well as vehicle performance replacement or maintenance, vehicle maintenance Is not necessary, but should pay attention to.