Car maintenance project which, in addition to changing the oil in what the project needs to be done?

With the increase in the vehicle, popularity, now a topic of dIscussion also slowly changed, not to prepare what Car to buy, but to how their Car maintenance, maintenance when it comes to thIs topic, I am sure how clear Is your own Car maintenance, in the 4S shop maintenance may still have more, there are other wear parts need to be replaced. And these parts relative to the vehicle Is very important, but also the most easily overlooked. Such as regular air conditioning air conditioner filters definitely needs to be replaced, Car maintenance project which, in addition to changing the oil in what the project needs to be done?

on board all oil must be replaced on time, because the oil has a shelf life, over the shelf life performance Will drop, there may be counterproductive . Oil are: brake oil, power oil, transmIssion oil, glass of water. Glass of water usually add their own can, or maintenance when the Car wash when refueling time can allow staff to add. In southern U.S.’s use of the vehicle, usually do not involve the replacement, you can not add. North Vehicle use in winter comes, if there are many glass of water, it should be all spray out and put antifreeze, to replace these fluids Is necessary, the price Is not high, in addition to the transmIssion oil, than change once oil prices lower.

cleaning and maintenance of the brake system: brake system Is one of the important vehicles, it works in a very harsh environment, if the system fails, at any time there Will be dangerous, so on a regular basIs to brake system inspection and maintenance. 1w per kilometer time, the steering system cleaning and maintenance: cleaning from time to time cause difficulty steering the Car appeared, shaking the steering wheel and other failures. If the power steering deposits within the system can not be cleared periodically, the system can easily cause damage to the hydraulic pump, 4w kilometers -5w km maintenance.

air filter and air filter, two names are similar, but the effect Is completely different, the air filter Is to filter the air entering the engine and the air filter Is filtered from the air outlet of the air entering the vehicle. But two filter elements are acts filtered air Will slowly become dirty, it Is recommended to replace one, preferably air filter replacement, brake wheel cylinder before the summer to enable refrigeration and air conditioning each year, usually pick the partsTouch the most Is soil or sand Is water, I do not know if you have not noticed a Car parked outside a long time, it Will be a few rain brake abnormal sound and so on, of course, because of rust, so although there Is not much influences.