Car maintenance project had to do? Project better? Someone who: a waste of money

Timothy complete new Car owners Will pay special attention to the maintenance of the Car, so again a couple of years. However, most owners Will go directly 4s shop maintenance. After some time, they Will find 4s shop prices much higher than the street vendors, but they think Is the most reliable 4s shop repair shop. In thIs case, the owners want, 4s shop Car maintenance routines in the end how black?

To address thIs Issue, as the pit I had to prompt you for the next, the following are the easiest maintenance items deceptive, novice drivers must remember the most important thing Is to live maintenance Car tires, which Is a very important part of the Car, also suffered serious reasons to wear every day. However, as long as some people Will go to 4s shops recommended tire maintenance, it should be noted at thIs time. When they are undergoing maintenance, they only tire coat of wax, it Is no different with the home clean.

Second Is the clean Car air conditioner, which Is one of the most common ways to 4s shop maintenance. However, the Car’s air conditioning did not you think so much, cleaning up Is not very troublesome. You can buy air cleaner to clean themselves. Simply spray from the air outlet, wait more than 10 minutes, and then clean up clean. No need to spend a lot of money to go to 4s shops.

at the last passage Is cleaned. Here it must be noted that frequent cleaning oil Is actually the Car Is harmful. Under normal circumstances, when the Cars to about 30,000 km, washing once Is enough. There Is no need to clean up all the oil each time a little maintenance, do not because of lack of motivation or severe shaking and strange Cars rotten.

owners are now know to take good Care of the Car, but the Car and everyone else, should not be too lazy, not too much Care of. These practices harmful to the Car and not helpful. So novice drivers should be remembered that more than three maintenance projects, can do just do it, do not do not do it, which helps extend the life of the Car. Car maintenance routines how deep? Just to tell you thIs, the novice remember.