Car maintenance price Daqi Di! Which one do you choose?

As the United States increases in Car ownership, the Car market Is the maintenance of the “cake” getting larger. From the maintenance agreement after the initial Car 4S shop, to repair and opacity of the market size of the accident, resulting in price levels after the Auto market Is uneven, then we are on the “Auto City” “4S shop” big price today From the bottom.

First, we arrived at the California Auto Parts City somewhere. Auto City can be said that the first threshold of Auto parts into the market, many manufacturers are to supply their products to the Auto City, then from Auto City on a wholesale basIs to various repair shop supply, so the price of Auto Parts City to explore They are more reliable.

Today we vIsit the main accessories like Car maintenance, due to excessive oil varieties, not eleven asking price, otherwIse the owner would have suspected. Originally with a camera to Auto City people are minimal, if I were repeatedly asked too much, and that the owner Is estimated to be picked up a knock on my wrench.

In Cadillac ATS-L Case small maintenance, and replacement of a five liters of oil filters, Auto city gold per liter Mobil 0W-40 $ 70 machine was filtered off $ 35 man-hour costs 50 yuan, the total price of 435 yuan.

ThIs Is used when two of my own Car maintenance oil filter, asked the price Is relatively tricky, attention point, thIs Is what I ask of the retail price, if the name of the repair shop to purchase large quantities, the price Will certainly be lower, so other accessories, too, Is repeated in a supplier maintenance or repair shop, Will certainly be a greater dIscount .

After understanding in the price of Auto Parts City, we go to vIsit what 4S shop, many vehicle owners are aware, take it to the 4S shop, in the course of maintenance, the base Will not let into the shop owners to observe the situation can only by service desk staff, asking Car maintenance, including the use of what brand of oil, what brand of machine filters and other Issues.

after communicating with service personnel, we have not been allowed to enter the plant to take pictures, so we can only passOral after-sales personnel, that brand and materials costs as well as time charge for the use of maintenance parts.

4S shop use and maintenance Is Golden Mobil Oil 0W-40, the price of 120 yuan / liter. Use a dedicated machine filter for the Cadillac, the price of 145 yuan / month, hours fee Is 400 yuan. In fact, 4S shop accessories price and Auto Parts City Is not too much difference, just hours fee higher than 350 yuan, a total price of 1145 yuan in maintenance 4S shop.

After we have on the price of the materials used Auto 4S shops of the city and understand that we can clearly compare the price difference between the two, which Is the purpose of our trip.

online purchase accessories trend has been formed, many owners think the internet Is cheaper, it would have a certain ability, so the Internet to buy their own home directly replacement, but for oil, filter machines and other maintenance items purchased on the Internet really ease it? Rampant fake oil in the market, do not petty engine overhaul.

by the addition of price online of a shopping mall, compared to up the intensity of some more obvious, 4S shop> online shopping> Auto Parts City, thIs Is just comparing the price of , then if from a service point of view, then, 4S shop obviously has a very good attitude and the environment; after buying online, but also consider the computing time charge for replacement parts used, or replace it yourself, so I can not compare specific; Auto City the environmental conditions are relatively poor, but low cost, so my heart Is ranked as: 4S shop> Auto Parts City> online shopping, I believe that each owner has hIs own judgment, after all, the degree of rich and poor people who are different, so the vIsion and ideas It Is different.