Car maintenance pit depth Things! See which pits you stepped on?

As the saying goes: buying a Car easy to keep a Car difficult! For vehicles that do not understand the white drivers, even harder, every time I go 4S shop heard thIs needs to change that needs to wash, to once accidentally spend a few thousand of maintenance costs.

but in fact the 4S shop to rely on you these sub-soft ears of white driver support, but most of the pit Is a variety known to prolong engine life cleaning packages, low cost, intermediate super high profits, the actual effect Is, in fact, psychological comfort only. In fact, originally wanted to do, the sale to the sentence: do not do it in addition to problems responsible for their own! Then the owners Will obediently pay.

parts such as the throttle, “playing bottle” or simply wash additive not only hand washable.

as well as the most common “to repair and updating”, 100 dollars would have been able to fix small problems, chosen to give you another new part. White drivers do not understand that it took several times to spend much money.

in fact, you can go to 4S shop diagnosIs, and then turn a few more large stores specializing in maintenance costs Is certainly a surprIse.

but the choice of the Auto repair shop, then have to pay more attention to the point, because the Auto repair shop can not pit less than the 4S shop oh ~