Car maintenance Periodic Table, car maintenance of common sense Daquan, projects in thIs

Car maintenance Is designated period of Automotive parts inspection, cleaning, supplies, lubrication, adjustment or replacement of certain parts of the preventive work, also known as Car maintenance.

Frequently Automobile maintenance cycle

An oil four filter, perIshables, maintenance and maintenance classification

project inspection cycle considerations

oil oil every 6 months or 5000 km to be the first whichever occurs (such as six months only ran 3,000 km need to be replaced) mineral oil Car driving 5,000 km oil change must; synthetic oil, which can be extended oil change mileage 8000-10000 km; Do not mix different brands of oil ; antifreeze / water tank Po 2 years or 40,000 km engine cooling system cleaning before filling antifreeze; prohibits direct antifreeze filling mother liquor.

brake oil 2 years or 40,000 km according to the model to replace the original note, do not mix.

power steering oil pay attention to the original model when 40,000 km replacement, not for the wrong.

manual transmIssion oil 40,000 km transmIssion oil cooling plug and the post-oiler check the oil level.

Automatic TransmIssion Fluid 60,000 km depending on road conditions, traffic can be a good 100,000 km.

Cooling agents When the cooling effect, check the line pressure, added or replaced when necessary. A long time work under high pressure leak

four filter oil filter six months or 5000 km with the same period more oilTransducer; install the new Cartridge, not overtighten with the filter wrench, to prevent damage.

The air cleaner 6-month or 10,000 km covered with dust or oil inside the Cartridge, to be immediately replaced.

Fuel Filter 1 year or 10,000 kilometers; long-acting depot long life gas filter gas filter replacement cycle depends on the oil quality.

air filter replaced periodically clean or replace the prior to use winter season air conditioning, fresh air to ensure that the Car.

perIshables The spark plug there 30000-50000 km spark plug or oil coke should be cleaned in time.

high voltage from 30,000 to 50,000 km, together with the replacement of the spark plug, except for direct ignition.

brakes 4-6 ten thousand kilometers replace most models have alarm wiper blade, metal reached Will be Issued after the scratching noIse wear limit, a reminder replacement.

brake dIsc about 100,000 km check and replace the

around the clutch plate 120,000 km Usually Unicom replacement pressure plate and replaced together with the release bearing (clutch three-piece)

CV Boot check at each oil change

wiper blades once every six months to a year to replace the wiper blades are not the longer the better; if attention wiper motor noIse, to avoid damage motor

timing chain 100,000 km inspection generally life-long free-for

timing thong 60,000 km replacement

transmIssion thong Check that the surface tension and cracking phenomenon belt comprIses an engine maintenance and maintenance the tire rotation should be 8000 to 13,000 kilometers per tire model with the same transposition. Different models of tires can not be rotated from the front to the rear wheel

tire balancing After the puncture or tire replacement, the steering wheel while driving jitter

wheel alignment

3-4 ten thousand kilometers to do a hanging sleeve positioning value damage caused by inaccurate positioning phenomenon next parameter detection common] cleaning throttle 10,000 km, the washing conditions for every 5,000 km or called to initialize the electronic throttle match after one wash]

cleaning fuel the system 3 years of more than 90,000 km new Car does not need to wash the Car needs to be cleaned, do not believe the repair shop enthusiastic recommendation

cleaning lubrication system more than 3 years 90,000 km the Car needs a new Car wash does not need to wash, do not believe the repair shop enthusiastic recommendation

tire inflation pressure the provIsions of the original pressure, plus or minus a 0.1Bar best prepare their own barometer on the trunk, check before long dIstances; inflatable pay attention to clean. The

Cleaning tank and 2 parts of Automobile antifreeze partially replaced together nurturing period focuses

battery 20,000 km recommended to check once

ordinary battery, also known as lead-acid batteries. The main advantage Is that the voltage stability, the price Is cheap, but require routine maintenance. Under normal circumstances, the original lead-acid battery life Is two years, or about 20,000 km, it Is necessary to check the height of the electrolyte periodically and add dIstilled water. Now a growing number of vehicles using maintenance-free batteries, as the name suggests the biggest feature Is the “maintenance-free.” In the basic need to add dIstilled water over the life of maintenance-free storage under normal circumstancesRecommendations pool replacement cycle Is about 3 years.

Of course, Care proper battery life can be longer; on the contrary, do not turn off the Car off before the appliance, open stereo, air conditioning when idling, turn off the lights after flameout forget, sparking frequent errors and other bad habits, Will greatly shorten battery life.

brake pads, spark plug

20,000 km check once brakes Will increase the mileage and wear, under normal circumstances, 2 ten thousand kilometers need for routine examination; regular rough driving, Will accelerate the brake pads wear, if it Is found Cleaning sheet thickness Is less than 6 mm and must be replaced as soon as possible to ensure driving safety.

of a spark plug according to the type, its life Will be different. For example: a spark plug nickel alloy used in the Car Is more extensive, the life in the 20000-30000 kilometers, so when the vehicle Is running to 20,000 km, we must check to see whether the need for timely replacement. Other less common spark plug, such as: single platinum spark plugs life span of about 40,000 km, double platinum spark plugs life span of about 60,000 km, etc., in the course of everyday driving, the owners should pay more attention to their life.

wiper blade

half inspections

wiper Is generally recommended once every six months to check, replaced once every year, there are differences depending on different vehicle usage. Daily parking situation a great impact on the life of the wiper, if the vehicle Is often parked outside the vehicle easily directly affected by sunlight and temperature changes in the weather, the rubber on the wiper Will accelerate aging and shorten the life of the wiper. Often indoors parked vehicle, the temperature Is relatively stable, and there Is no sun exposure, so life Is greatly extended.

Once leaves have aging, hardening, crazing and other conditions occur, even if still in the replacement cycle, but also timely replacement Is recommended, otherwIse they Will be in the rain when driving, ineffective due to blowing rain, affecting the vIsion, endangering personal safety.


50,000 km

Tire rubber products, they are all useful life, typically 4 – 5 years, or 50,000-80,000 kilometers, under what circumstances, it Is necessary to replace the tires to the Car?

1, a tire replacement cycle Is from 50,000 to 80,000 km. If the side of the tire cracks, even if did not meet with mileage, for safety reasons, must be replaced.

2, remaining tread groove depth 1.6 mm wear limit position has a flag, when thIs marker tread wear, the tire should be replaced immediately.

3, a rubber tire, sun and rain, oil, and other factors may cause the temperature of rubber aging, reduce traffic safety. Therefore, if the tire aging cracks appear, it needs to be replaced.

4, abnormal tire damage, such as bulges, cuts, run flat rolling, abnormal wear, also please change. First insurance

Car introduction

the first insurance as the name suggests, for the first time maintenance. Do not worry too much and do not Care, 3000 km, 5,000 km first insurance are not affected much (or six months) during the first insurance Is to running a new engine to adapt to the various components of adaptive capacity, running speed of 120km or less during the best, not conclusive better run several high-speed (Car case may be) long down 3000 km, 5000 km replaced it, during the running costs of oil or fuel, the uncertainty of thIs period.