Car maintenance only know how to change the oil? Willing to spend money to change these things, the car good open times!


As the saying goes, began to open the Car not bad, but bad maintenance, a lot of people buy a Car, if insufficient maintenance of the Car, also can damage Car, but a lot of people in maintenance time, but only know how to change the oil, Willing to spend money to change these things, the Car good opening times.

First, spark plugs, spark plug we all know that the Car Is a Car gasoline and air ignites important parts, spark plugs to ignite the gasoline produced electronic differential, so the Car produce strong power, it Is also so important configuration, but many people do not tend to replace, to know the spark plug normal life in about two to three years, if the time Is up, Xiao Bian suggest that you timely replacement can improve gasoline combustion efficiency and a stable level of ignition time.

Second, brake oil. Speaking of brakes it Is the most important Car above configuration, while the brake Is to brake oil lubrication oil, while allowing the brakes to reduce the wear and tear, so in the process of driving the road we hit the brakes Will become more smooth and more fluent but also more secure.

Third, antifreeze, antifreeze Is one of the more important configuration on the Car, as the name suggests it allows normal use of the Car in a cooler environment in which , and not just freezing, but also lower the temperature at which the engine driving the process, resulting in engine steady state.

looked small to give us explanations, not just a simple Car maintenance and oil changes, but have a variety of maintenance projects, if we are not very familiar with the process in which maintenance, Xiao Bian suggest that you can go to 4S store or repair shop for consultation, and each accessory repair and maintenance of all nodes of a certain time, only to ensure stable state of the Car, the Car can be better serve us.