Car maintenance only an oil change? These points are not maintained, sooner or later problems

Car maintenance only an oil change? These points are not maintained, sooner or later the problem

Now the Car has also been considered into the household, and every household would choose to buy a Car to do the trip tools, a Car Is convenient for travel, but the Car’s maintenance problems, then it makes a lot of owners feel a headache, since before the information Is not so smooth, that many owners are subject to a lot of 4S shop severely trampled upon, often say What change, wasted a lot of money, so much the owner Is a 4S shop are not trusted. So many owners Will tend to Care only when they know in the maintenance section, such as oil changes and maintenance, refuse to others, but thIs Is definitely wrong, just only for oil change, certainly not perfect maintenance of the Car, some of the did not Care about the place, it Is inevitable rIsks occur, but many owners do not know where to Care and maintenance? Today we have to say something about which of several projects regarding maintenance to be done, both to facilitate the maintenance, the province Is also pit. If these points are not maintained, sooner or later go wrong.

maintenance of oil , thIs Is a large number of owners should be aware of, Is the change between the rated range, thIs time some new 4S owners can choose to shop for replacement, although the price Is slightly more expensive, but relatively easy, in case there Is a problem also belong 4S warranty.

to replace the brake pads , brake pads Is an important guarantee for safety when driving, not an emergency brake brake maintained, brakes really it Is critical, while brake pads Will wear slowly as driving time, many owners may not Care at thIs point, but be sure to check the thickness of the brake pads to be timely.

Automotive spark plug , the Car Is by relying on its normal ignition, the Car parts Is important, but to work long hours inevitable loss, so remember to be replaced. In general these questions once the Car Is the spark plug may be a problem: The first question Is the Car suddenly stalled, thIs time we should pay attention to fire Saihua examined; second problem Is an increase in Carbon;The third problem Is the Car thrashing. These problems are most likely spark plugs need to be replaced, and thIs time be sure to attract attention.

Car tires , which Is above the Car faster loss of local, long-term wear Is likely to have a lot of hidden dangers, the usual time be sure to pay attention to check the tires, when I remember to do some maintenance wheel alignment.

three-way catalyst , Is an Automobile catalytic purification device can purify harmful gas, which Is less than the aperture 1mm, Once the coke produced more easily cause blockage, causing catalytic converters fail, resulting in excessive exhaust emIssions, Automobile power down and so on.

Car maintenance problems but that Is the most important, the owners also usually you have to remember to do regular Car maintenance, not only for oil, but also other aspects attention, eliminate safety hazards in order to be assured that peace of mind.