Car maintenance, oil Is still frequently changes the oil for good, it Is not more important to do so

Many owners want to give the best maintenance vehicles, but can not find the right method always, in fact, mainly due to the loss of Car engines, not only difficult to repair and the cost Is higher, the metaphor of a Car engine the heart Is the very image also highlights the importance of the engine. Since it Is so important that the engine oil as the heart of the “blood” of course, Is the Car vehicle maintenance Is very important part.

First of all we have to learn how to maintain a standard vehicle Is developed. Some models require every 5,000km regular maintenance, and some models are 10,000km requirements or even longer, different engines for maintenance of oil level Is different, only the Car manufacturers know their engine, also only the oil companies know best own oil performance, and therefore ultimately determine the oil level maintenance cycle and Is a Careful and thoughtful process. At the same time, maintenance standards also consider the target market Car environment, such as the same model, it Is possible to use in Japan, the United States Will be less than the maintenance cycle, which Is considering the road conditions, etc. and environmental factors.

Of course, the Car oil change Is good, but for vehicle maintenance, oil change only inside the Car engine debrIs Will continue to exIst, there are traces of friction black residue , just for the new oil, a few days the effect Will be greatly reduced. Having said all thIs to say, Xiao Bian to share with everyone that, at the same time give the Car an oil change maintenance, oil filters, namely Automotive filters, have to be replaced together, thIs dual role, assumed oil lubrication, cooling, cleaning effect as well as the sealing, Will be more effective.

each cold start engine wear caused by more than five minutes before the normal driving 10,000 kilometers friction and damage caused. 95% from dry friction, Is not the main purpose of your Car to wait for the hot water temperature up, but gradually the oil pump and other oil pump at various points of friction, reduce engine wear. So hot Car Is not enough light in winter, the season 4 to year are hot Car to make the Car to reduce wear and tear!

braking dIstances we travel speed of more than 50km / h, they can try to slam on the brakes, if you feel significantly longer braking dIstances, If the problem Is not a piece of brake, brake fluid Is essential that there Is a problem.

into the oil filter can make parts of the Car engine oil, can be as pure as possible, to maintain efficient lubrication, the Car Will open up a lot of little problems.

the oil filter, which Is a cylindrical structure, the outside metal layer of wrapping, inside a filter paper layers, has good toughness and strength, but also by the oil pressure not deformed, Is mounted on an intermediate portion of the oil passage of the Car, its role Is to impurities in the oil as well as dirt filter,

replacing higher quality oil, and do not think you can extend the Car kilometer cycle, so as not to exceed the standard manufacturer’s recommended maintenance manual. Whether it Is 7000 km or six months as far as possible are not exceeded, due to the high temperature of the engine oil can be contaminated metal debrIs, oxidation Is very obvious, Will over time performance. When the Car maintenance, upgrade the oil level and do not exceed the standard vehicle maintenance manual.